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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st January 2022 Episode starts with Vinod asking Dadi to go and sleep. Dadi says let me be here for sometime. He says I know that just as you come to know about the baby, your sleep will be gone.

She says today Veena saved Thapki from falling down and took Purab’s class. She says this change in her, will come infront of everyone very soon. She says this baby will bring everyone come closer. Purab looks at Thapki and thinks to know the truth from her. He says good morning, how are you?

He takes her to the dining table and asks if she has morning sickness. He says I made many dishes for you, and says I watched it online and made it. He holds her hand and says you have always trusted me, but I have always questioned you. He says I shall be supportive husband and says sorry for running away from his responsibilities.

He says he will not ask her anything, and will show complete trust on her and her decisions. He says I will take care of you and will do all my duties. Thapki asks if you believe that I am pregnant. He says 100 percent and says it is a big thing that we are going to be parents, and that’s why difficult for me to digest.

He asks her to eat it. Thapki eats something. He notices her behavior and asks what do you think, that we will have a boy or girl, and says I need a girl, cute doll like you, lovely and small, but not arrogant like you. He says I will pamper her so much, that there will be no guy in her life in comparison to me.

He says he has started baby shopping too, and asks her to see in his mobile. Thapki pretends to get vomiting and goes. He thinks I know you are going from here, due to your guilt and thinks he will act until she tells the truth.

Purab comes to the kitchen and sees Sargam having tamarind with icecream. He asks what is this diet plan? Sargam says I saw Bhabhi having it, late in night and thought to try it. She asks if you want to try. He says no.

Purab thinks Thapki is not pregnant then why she will have cravings to have it and why she is sharing this with Sargam. Just then Rohit calls Sargam. Purab sees the call and picks it. He threatens to make fractures in his body and asks Sargam to delete the number. Sargam says he don’t call me now and asks what did he say? Purab takes the mobile and deletes his number. He says I don’t want this guy in your life and goes. Sargam gets worried.

Preeti is talking to Sagar, and asks if he would like to give her company, as she is alone at home. Sagar says I am coming there. Priyanka comes there. Sagar says I have important work and tells that they had met on this day, and he was going to plan surprise.

Priyanka asks him to go and says she will not follow him. Sagar says really? She asks him to go and tells that they shall celebrate their anniversary at home. He says I shall bring cake and wine. Priyanka says cake will be made at home or order from outside, and we have so much wine. She says we will spend today together. He gets upset.

Thapki asks Sargam to be careful and tells that it was good that Purab saw you. Sargam says sorry, I was hungry today. Thapki asks her to be careful and says we will have difficult time as the pregnancy progresses. Sargam says Bhai is trusting you. Thapki says you don’t know how he is questioning me.

She says she don’t have strength to continue with this truth. Sargam says you can’t ditch me Bhabhi, if Bhai and Maa come to know that I am carrying Rohit’s baby then. Thapki says I am not backing off, and says things will be easy for us, if Purab is with us. Sargam says no, he will never support us, as this is Rohit’s baby. Thapki says this is your baby as well and says Purab will accept him. Sargam says not Bhai. Thapki says I can’t lie to Purab. Sargam says please for me.

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