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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th October 2021 Episode starts with Dadi asking Veena not to get upset and says when Hansika sings the song then…Thapki knocks on the door and comes inside. Veena Devi says you are looking very beautiful and asks how is your neck now? She says you couldn’t sing that day, but today I want you to sing so that all the relatives shall know why I have chosen you. Thapki goes.

Dadi tells Veena that both girls haven’t become bahus still, and says you are making them compete today. Veena says Hansika is not near to Thapki in singing and says it will be proved today. Dadi says you will become saas and asks why are you behaving like college girl. She says mata rani made this jodis and says this family will lose in the war of two bahus. Veena Devi says lets see who will win between the two.

Thapki takes stressful and thinks when will I sing and practice. She says my voice don’t come infront of anyone. He asks her to sing her herself and have confidence. He pats on her shoulder. Thapki smiles.

Anchun comes to Sargam. Sargam says she is nervous and will not share her burger with him. She says my dance partner haven’t come. He says I will become your dance partner and asks if her partner was of his double size. Sargam asks what does he think of himself and tells that she will dance alone, but not with him.

She dances and fall. He holds her. He says I am free and can help you. Hansika calls her mother and asks her to come fast for her sangeet. She says you have track of my sound. Tai ji scolds Priyanka and asks her to decorate the stage. She thinks to make Hansika defeat. Hansika hears her and thinks they want me to lose. She hears Thapki practicing song while Anchun hears her. Anchun gets a call and goes out. Hansika thinks she has more passion for singing and will win, even if she has to choose the wrong way.

Later in the evening, Veena Devi welcomes the guests for the sangeet and tells that both bahus of Singhania family will present their singing infront of you. She says don’t think this as a competition between the two, but your claps will prove who is the best. Purab looks at Preeti. Thapki gets worried. Veena Devi says we will start the function with Sargam’s performance. Sudha tells something to Preeti and goes.

Sargam talks to Rohan and gets upset, knowing he can’t come. Anchun hears her and asks shall I burger for you. He asks if she will wait for her partner, or shall I wear his face mask. Sargam says I don’t want to see his face. Anchun says mask is cancelled. Sargam comes dancing. Anchun dances with her. Purab says Sargam dancing with Thapki’s brother. Hansika eyes Thapki and goes. Sargam and Anchun perform.

Thapki tells her mother that she is very stressful, if she can sing. Priyanka asks Sudha, how your niece will sing? Sudha says she stammers, but sings well. Priyanka says if Thapki sings song then I will send you both to jail. Sudha gets worried. After the performance ends, Sargam falls down. She gets upset with him and stamps her leg on his leg. Everyone claps. Thapki tells her mother that she will go inside and practice.

Sargam announces Hansika bhabhi is coming next to perform. Hansika’s parents clap for her. Hansika sings song and dances. Her father gets up, saying my daughter sang. Nandini makes him sit and asks him to maintain his class. Sudha asks Priyanka to bring sindoor from somewhere, and says we shall add sindoor in the beetroot, and tells that she can’t sing for 4 days. Priyanka says I will bring it. Purab dances with Hansika. Veena Devi smiles. Purab gets a call and goes.

Tai ji gets Armaana’s call and tells Dadi that Armaan has come. Armaan comes there and smiles. He sees Purab and asks what’s up? Purab says important call. Armaan asks him to come. Purab says I have to attend the call. Sargam says now it is time for bahu no. 2 and says lets see who will win in this face off. Sudha comes to Thapki and asks her to have beetroot juice. Thapki is about to drink, when Sargam asks the guests to welcome Thapki. Thapki asks Sudha to take the glass. Sudha asks her to drink.

Sargam comes there and says I have announced the name, come out. Thapki keeps the glass and goes out. Sudha thinks my dream to become rich will be dream only. Sargam says all the best to Thapki.

Hansika has played her trick and sits quietly. Veena Devi smiles as Thapki is on stage. Priyanka asks why you didn’t make her drink juice. Sudha says she didn’t drink, what I shall do. Veena Devi asks Thapki to sing well and says my blessings are with you. She says she has magic in her voice that the one who hears will lose their senses. She says all the best. Armaan comes there and greets Veena and sits with Dadi and Tai ji.

Thapki looks at him and smiles. Armaan also smiles. He tells Tai ji that she is cute. He says lets hear her voice. Thapki starts stammering shocking everyone. Veena Devi gets puzzled. She starts singing and stammers, laughs and says sorry. She says I will sing again and laughs. She says this mic is senti and says it got upset as I stammer. Veena Devi gets up and asks her to stop it. Hansika thinks I won’t let this girl win at any cost.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki hugs and kisses Veena Devi. Veena Devi asks you had alcohol? Thapki’s father says our Thapki is not like that. She says everything is in front of you. He asks Thapki who made her drink alcohol. She points at someone saying s/he did.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2021
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