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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki looking at the sindoor which falls in her forehead from the aarti plate. Purab removes the Mata Rani’s chunari from his head and looks at Thapki standing. Thapki touches sindoor in her forehead and looks at it. She then looks at Purab. The garland falls down on both of them.

They look at each other. Dadi says if Mata Rani wanted, then she would have united Thapki and Purab and no power of the world can separate them. She asks her to accept this. Purab asks Thapki if she came to his house to give CD and says what is this desperation. She stammers and says your screw is loose. She sneezes.

He gives her tissue paper. Thapki takes it, and thanks him. She says you are making issue unnecessarily. He says I want to hear and asks him to tell. She says you need intelligence for that. He says leave from here before mom sees you. He recalls Veena Devi telling that she hates people who stammers. She asks why?

Hansika comes there and asks Purab to come there. Thapki tells Mata Rani that she is feeling bad for Hansika and thanks Mata Rani for saving her. Hansika says you have jumped to the last stage, direct love. Purab looks at Thapki as she picks the aarti stuff and says did you see her courage? Hansika asks what is happening? I am talking to you. She asks him to tell honestly, and asks do you love me or did this to tease your mom.

Purab says there are other ways to tease mom. He says we are good friends, our marriage will be smooth, there will be no shocks. He says why to take chance by marrying strangers. She asks what about love? Purab says love is like time, just as it passes, it will show its effect. Hansika says it will happen fast and you can’t help it, just like I fell in love with you. She hugs him. He is hesitant to hug her. She asks where is the proposal and ring, what I will show to Mom and dad. He says lets complete this formality.

Sudha and Preeti return home. Sudha says they are happy seeing Thapki’s happiness. Preeti says I will become Thapki’s real sister now, and will get good food at her house. Sudha scolds her. Just then they watch news on the channel. They see reporter asking Veena if she showed the way to music director as he used to stammer.

Veena Devi says when I asked him to sing, he was stuck in Sa. Sudha gets an idea and thinks why Veena Devi will make Thapki as her bahu. She tells Preeti that Veena Devi doesn’t know about Thapki’s stammering problem. She says I will pull out Thapki’s four wheels.

Purab comes to Veena Devi. Veeni Devi wipes her tears. Purab asks her to eat something and says Dadi told that you didn’t have anything, not even prasad. He says I got answer, you have asked about Hansika. He says I don’t love her, but I am sure, it will happen after marriage. He says we are good friends and knows each other.

He says you have rejected her as singer, don’t reject her as bahu. He asks her to give choice. Veena Devi says I wish you would have given a chance to my choice. Thapki tells Sudha that she didn’t meet Armaan, don’t know how is he? She says she shouldn’t know time with him and life shall be beautiful. Purab says two things are important for me, time and perfection and Hansika is perfect, she is good, sings well. He says if there is no perfection in life partner, it will be like time has stopped.

Thapki says the people who doesn’t have flaws, then the life will be boring. She tells that just like they have pushed her vehicle, she wants Armaan to push her vehicle too. Mama ji and Anchul come there, and asks why she wants to cook today on her special day. Thapki says what we will eat then? Mama ji says we both will make food for you all. Purab says I will marry Hansika only. He says if you don’t have food, then you will have headache. He says Navratri is going on, and we have to release many songs, which is not possible without you. He asks her to eat food and makes her eat.

Anchul and Mama ji try to cook. Thapki says you have showed us comedy without tickets and asks them to go. She takes out the bangle and keeps near the window. Her mother signs that Mama ji and Anchul loves her, just like them, her sasural people will also love her. She says she will fulfill all her relations well and thinks she can’t tell of garam patila.

Dadi asks Purab to give shagun in Armaan’s sasural. He asks if Armaan’s relation is fixed. Dadi says the girl who was chosen for you, with the same girl Armaan’s alliance is fixed. Purab says ok, I will go and give shagun. He comes to Thapki’s house and she opens the house. He asks what is she doing here?

Thapki says this is my house. Purab thinks Mom had chosen her for me and recalls her stammering problem. Thapki asks if Dadi asked you to make rotten face. Sudha comes and takes the shagun. Preeti comes there and gives him water. He sees his mother’s bangle in her hand and thinks Mom had chosen her. He sits and drinks water. Thapki asks him to go. He asks about Preeti. Sudha says she makes everyone drink water.

Purab goes out and Thapki is dragged out with him. He asks why is she following him. She tells that her hand is stuck with his hand. They try to fix it and come closer. Thapki gets upset and says you called me speed braker, I will not come infront of you. Purab says there is no use in wearing a watch.

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