Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 1st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab showing the clock and tells that very soon it will be 2022, and the dance performance will begin.Thapki looks at the big watch. He says you can’t break this watch. She asks how you will wear it? He says he will not wear and asks about the gift which she bought for him.

She asks him to wait for 12. She goes to room and thinks she will give this gift to him. Hansika thinks Purab will not be with you at 12 midnight and you can’t give him the gift. Priyanka asks the Servants to make sure that 22 tons icecreams shall not melt which is for the guest.

Jaya gets ready in a saree. Thapki comes there. Jaya asks if I am looking nice. Thapki says mhy mother is lovely and applies black tika under her ear. Jaya also applies black tika under her ear, and says Purab is a very good guy, whenever I look at you both, I feel you got the good lifepartner, unlike me.

Thapki says Maa, I want to tell you something. Jaya asks what?Thapki says Maa, on the event day, I met….Sargam comes there and asks Thapki to come as the function is beginning. Thapki asks Jaya to come, and goes.

Sargam tells the audience that her mom and dad will convey love for each other, through this dance performance. Veena and Vinod dance on a song. Anjali and Mukul come there. Hansika greets Mukul. Jaya looks at him and thinks she must got illusion. Vinod and Veena continue ti dance. Jaya and Mukul are also in the hall. Sargam announces that next performance is of Priyanka and Sagar.

Purab comes to Sargam and asks if she is missing Rohit. He asks her to miss the right person who will accept her the way she is. Sargam says just like thapki bhabhi has accepted you. Purab smiles. Anchun and Preeti come there. Sargam greets Anchun. Sagar and Priyanka dance on the stage. Everyone claps for them. Preeti comes to Sagar and says I didn’t know that you dance so well.

Sagar says my wife dances well and asks who is she? Priyanka says she is Thapki’s younger sister and our relative. Sagar says sorry. Preeti gets upset. Priyanka asks her to go. Purab asks Thapki to tell about his gift. Thapki says I will say. She finds Jaya not on her chair. Mukul and Jaya come face to face. Jaya gets shocked seeing him while Mukul smiles and walks towards her. Jaya backs off and goes to the room.

She cries. Mukul knocks on the door and gets inside. Jaya says you have left me, you had said that you will return after becoming something, I had waited for you for years, but you didn’t come.Mukul says I was weak, I came here to become something, but got trapped by it. He says I am your guilty and apologizes. Thapki asks Dadi about her mother. Dadi says she must be here somewhere.

Jaya asks what do you think that everything will be fine, if you apologize and asks if 20 years will return. She says we have a daughter Thapki and asks if whatever she has bear, will be fine. Purab stamps her foot on the ground and says it is our dance performance next. Priyanka asks Hansika what is her imagination plan?

She says your plan will not be successful. Hansika recalls piercing nail in Thapki’s heels. Thapki and Purab begin dancing on the stage. Hansika tells Priyanka that Thapki’s feet will be hurt in sometime. Thapki tells Purab that something is piercing on her foot. He asks her to remove the sandal. She removes while dancing and keeps her feet on his feet, they dance looking in each other’s eyes.

Precap: Thapki tells that she will make their relation special by giving a special gift to Purab.


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