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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th October 2021  Episode starts with Veena Devi asking Thapki to be the same ways, and don’t change, be truthful and clean hearted. Thapki gets emotional as she keeps her hand on her head and blesses her. Thapki recalls telling truth in her room. Sudha thinks if Veena Devi is mad, she doesn’t like people stammering and now. Preeti says then why did she bless her always? Thapki says I got your blessings,

and feeling like world’s luckiest girl. She is about to stammer. Priyanka comes there and asks her not to talk, and let her throat rest. Veena asks her to rest and wipes her tears. She says there will be sangeet rasam after 2 days, and tells that she will send some herbs, soak it in warm water and gargle it. Thapki nods her head. Ashok says let us go. Priyanka smiles looking at Sudha and Priyanka.

Preeti says if Thapki told the truth to Veena devi. Priyanka says I know Thapki’s truth and you both. Preeti says how can you talk to my mummy like that. Sudha says you can’t talk to us like this. Priyanka says I know that Thapki stammers, and it is revealed that she was seated on Veena Devi’s chair wearing her clothes and hair style. She thinks I came to make recording in Veena Devi’s attire, but have got the big jackpot. Sudha says we didn’t tell anyone. Preeti says Thapki told the truth to Veena Devi.

Priyanka says nobody knows other than me and shows the money, and says until this secret will be hidden, your house will get filled with money. Sudha asks what is your intention? Priyanka says it will be fun to blast the truth at the right time. Sudha says we shall get our payment on time. She gets happy and thinks Thapki is the golden eggs laying hen.

Ashok asks Thapki what happened? Thapki says my truth is still incomplete. She says I am becoming Sapna ji’s bahu and she shall know the truth. And even Armaan ji are unaware and says we shall go inside and tell them the truth. Sudha says I talked to Sapna ji and she has no problem, and has accepted you, and praises you a lot. She says even Armaan knows about it.

Thapki listens to music in her room. Purab also listens to music in his room. His sister comes there and they dance. Anshul comes to Thapki and gives her tea. Thapki thanks him. Anchul says you plays this old recorder, when you are happy or sad. Purab’s sister asks if he is happy. He gets sad. She asks what happened? Thapki says I am very happy that Veena ji accepted me after knowing the truth.

Purab’s sister says I have understood that you are sad as you are marrying. She asks him to hear new songs and go out shopping with Hansika, and gives a dance performance with her during sangeet. Anchul says you have to go and choose your lehenga tomorrow. Purab’s sister teases him and goes. Next day, Thapki comes to Veena Devi’s house along with Sudha and Preeti. Sapna tells that her would be bahu’s dress shall be unusual. Sudha tells that even they shall look good. Sapna asks them to choose dresses for them too.

Preeti says they shall select costly one, wear it for function and then sell it. Thapki comes to select the lehenga for herself. Hansika asks Purab to select a lehenga for his wife. He selects the same lehenga as Thapki, and try to get it. Thapki also try to get it. They have an eye lock. Music plays…..Thapki goes from there and sits with Sudha and Preeti. Purab selects golden lehenga for Hansika. Hansika says no way, I have selected lehenga for myself. He keeps it back in the rack. Thapki asks can I try the dress.

The designer asks her to go and try. Purab is on call and asks Hansika, how much time she will take? He says I will have two meetings by this time. He comes inside and sees Thapki, thinks she is Hansika. He says I know that you will not ignored my choice. He holds her hand and looks at Thapki. He says sorry. Thapki says first you held my hand and now saying sorry. He says I thought. Thapki says you like it, will change it and will return to you. Hansika comes out wearing the lehenga and says we will go for lunch and will have to rehearse for the sangeet.

At the dining table, Priyanka thinks once she tells the breaking news. Sapna will cry. Hansika tries to feed food in Purab’s mouth and asks him to make her eat. Veena Devi gets upset and asks Shankar, what is the combination of bhindi with baigan ka bharta. Dadi says I told her, as Hansika wanted. Veena Devi laughs. Hansika says you will not know until you try. Veena Devi asks Shankar to bring Dhuli dal etc. Hansika gets up and asks her to tell what problem she has with her. Purab says I will talk to Mom.

He tells Veena Devi that Hansika will prove that she deserves to be your bahu and asks for the chance. Veena Devi says she is tired of giving chances and will not have any hopes. Hansika says you have rejected me without listening to my songs. Veena Devi says experience is something. Hansika says I have talent and will prove tomorrow, that I can sing well and can become your bahu and face of your company. She says I will make your name famous. Veena devi goes.

Thapki prays to God and thinks today is her sangeet, prays to God to keep her blessings on her. Servant comes and gives bouquet to her. She says sorry and tries to return, seeing Purab. She says you have given me many names. Purab says I said sorry too and sent flowers too. Honestly I felt. She asks what did you think, that beautiful girl is standing and that’s why you held my hand, you are rich and thinks can do anything. He asks what are you saying, listen to me.

She is about to go. He holds her hand and says sorry. He says he had chosen that lehenga for Hansika, but when he saw her wearing it, he thought she is Hansika and when he made her turn, then he was surprised to see her. He says I am not like you think, and have so much respect for girls. Thapki says did you know how it feels, when the other persons accuse you for something which you are not. Purab says that means. Thapki says I was messing with you intentionally, to make you realize that you shall not do such thing, which you can’t bear. She says shall I go, as your mom called me. He offers her bouquet again. She takes it and looks at him.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2021
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