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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th January 2022 Episode starts with Thapki telling Purab that whatever he has done, she should have understand him and tells that her mother got courageous after that day, she took stand for herself infront of everyone.

She says you was not wrong, but I was wrong. He asks her to have sympathy on him and accept that it was his mistake. Thapki says no. She feels pain in her knees. Purab says 1 min, Thapki and asks if whatever I have seen in dream was right, and says you was about to fall down the stairs, while climbing on your knees and I held and saved you.

Thapki recalls it and tells that once they go home, she will not let him speak for 10 days. He says then I will not go home. Jaya comes to Purab and asks did you call me? Purab says I called you to inform you that we have blood relation now. He says he apologized to Thapki already and now he needs to say her sorry and thank her.

Jaya says I shall thank you, for giving me strength to fight for myself. Purab asks why Thapki is walking like this, and asks about her knees. Jaya says she had went to temple, walking on her knees to have mannat for you. He asks what did you have it before she was born. He asks if she felt bad?

Jaya says one month back, I was in the hospital and you made promised to me. She says you have fulfilled the promise made to me, and I will be in debt of you for forever. Hansika hears them and thinks now I have full info to cut Thapki forever.

Purab returns home with Thapki. Veena says you took my soul. I will do your aarti. Dadi stops her and makes Thapki stand with Purab. She tells that when a couple gets married, they promise to stand with each other, in any circumstances. She tells that Thapki went to the temple walking on her knees and appreciates her. Purab looks at Thapki.

Veena does their aarti together and shower flower petals on them, and asks him to come inside. Purab stumbles. Hansika holds his hand. Purab stops Hansika and asks Thapki to hold his hand, asks if he needs to take his friend’s help when his wife is here. He keeps hand on her shoulder and goes inside the room.

Hansika thinks I will end their relation soon. Thapki makes him sit on the bed and tells that she will not let him do any work, and gives him water. She asks him to ask her if he needs anything and goes. Purab calls Thapki. Thapki comes and asks do you need anything. He says nothing. She goes. Purab calls her.

Thapki comes there and asks what do you need? Purab says I want you. He asks her to sit with him. Thapki sits. Purab asks her to sit closely to him. She sits close and closes her eyes. Do dil song plays…… He takes the first aid box and sits down. Thapki asks what are you doing? Purab says you need a doctor now.

He checks her injured knees and what you have done for me. He says I made Thapki quiet, you are changed with me. Thapki recalls Jaya’s words. He cleans her injury and bandages her legs. Thapki asks him to rest.

Dadi comes there and tells that there is no guarantee of life. Later Thapki is in kitchen. Dadi tells that this happens. Thapki shares her feelings with Dadi and tells that she used to dislike Purab before, but now she likes to see him everywhere. Dadi says he has become your life and you are in love with him.

Thapki says how can I fall in love with him, and says I like him, but this can’t be love. She says you and my mother are confusing me. Dadi asks her to think. Hansika hears them and gets upset. Dadi goes from there. Thapki blushes thinking about Dadi’s words. Hansika comes there and says she was worried for Purab and there was strict instructions of Veena aunty.

Thapki says I can understand your friendship with Purab. Hansika says I heard about Dadi and your conversation, even I feel that you are feeling for Purab, you are in love with him. She asks her not to waste time and express her love. Thapki goes from there. Hansika thinks I lit the fire, you see the dreams, and I will burn it.

Purab comes to the terrace and thinks Thapki will come here and scold her. Hansika comes there and tells that she came to share amazing news with him. She says 15 lakhs likes for her song. He says people are liking your voice.

She says we shall make another album. He says let me get fine first. Hansika hugs him. She sees Thapki and continues to hug him. Purab asks Hansika not to break him more. Thapki gets jealous seeing hansika hugging him.

She scolds Purab and asks him to come to room. Purab says you remind me of my teacher and says she was also arrogant. He gets up and is about to fall. Thapki holds him. He says I did this purposely, as when you get angry, you look like cute bear. Hansika thinks once she confesses her feelings to Purab, she will break their relation.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki asks Purab where is he going. He says bathroom. Thapki calls Jaya and asks why she feels that her feelings have changed. Jaya says you will know it yourself soon, when there is feeling for someone then that person is heard and seen though he is not there. Thapki thinks if her feelings changed for him.

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Telecast Date:10th January 2022
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