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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th September 2021 Akash comes home with Avnit. Mahi hugs him and says the police must have found out that he is innocent. Jogi says Akash was wrong. Avnit says I took back my complaint, he is a kid and his life would be destroyed so I can’t do this with him. Jogi says this kid should be punished. He tries to hit Akash but Avnit stops him and asks him to forgive Akash, he is a kid. Jogi says I can’t forgive him. Mahi stands in front of Jogi and says don’t hurt him. Jogi says he can’t stay here after what he has done. He pushes Mahi away and starts dragging Akash out of the house. Avnit asks Jogi to stop it. Mahi is right, it’s my fault that I came here. I came here to share happiness with this family but everyone is fighting because of me. I should leave from here. Jogi says Akash should leave the house after what he has done, he can’t stay here. Mahi says you are right Jogi.

Akash will leave the house, not because he is wrong but because he is innocent and will keep getting insulted in this house. Avnit’s dad says you think Avnit is lying? I haven’t forgiven him. He is about to slap Akash but Mahi holds his hand and says no.. don’t try to hit him otherwise I will forget you are my elder. He is innocent so I won’t let anything happen to him. Akash says no.. I am not innocent. Mahi is stunned. Akash says Avnit’s allegations are true, what you all saw in the CCTV is true. Mahi asks him why is he lying? Akash says sorry, what Avnit is saying is the truth. I should leave the house. Avnit smirks. Akash says I will leave after meeting mummy. Mahi looks on. Jogi asks Mahi what would you say now? Mahi says Akash is lying, he can never do anything like that. Rupa says you fought with my brother, your husband, with whole family for this brother? He has accepted his crime but even then Avnit is at fault? Are we all fools here?

Akash is leaving the house but Mahi stops him and asks why did you lie? I was going to bring you out of jail. Akash says Avnit wanted this. The flashback shows how Avnit came to the jail and asked Akash to take the blame on himself and she will take back her complaint. Akash said no but Avnit told him that his cricketing career will end if he goes to the jail for long. If you don’t want to lie to your family then be happy in this jail. She started leaving but Akash agreed. The flashback ends. Akash says I didn’t have a choice, my career would have ended. I am sorry. Mahi says it’s okay, just take care of yourself and play well. Akash hugs her and leaves.

Scene 2
Avnit packs her bags and starts leaving with her dad. Rupa asks where are you going? Avnit says it’s better if we leave. Beeji says this is your house. Avnit says this family and this house is yours Beeji. She starts leaving but Jogi comes there and says you can’t leave your friend like this. Avnit says our friendship will never break. I am just leaving this house but not from your life. Jogi says we all can stay here as a family. Her dad says I can’t let my daughter stay here after all the insult she had to bear. Rupa asks Mahi to say sorry to her. Jogi asks Mahi to leave everything behind and just say sorry to them. Mahi says I love you a lot but I can’t bow down to wrong. Jogi says Akash accepted his crime.

Mahi says you don’t know how Akash was forced to lie about that crime. You won’t believe me so I don’t care if she stays here or not but I won’t apologize. She leaves from there. Rupa says Mahi should have left this house. Avnit sadly tells Jogi to take care of himself. She starts leaving but Jogi recalls their childhood moments, Jogi starts singing bachpan ki yaadain. Mahi is in her room and recalls how Jogi said he can’t cry. Avnit tries to leave but Jogi holds her hand and brings her back in the house. He makes her sit down and sings for her. Avnit hugs him and cries. Jogi smiles. Mahi sees them hugging and is angry. Avnit tells Jogi that she won’t go anywhere, if you want me to stay here then you have to listen to me. I want you to become successful, I want you to become the biggest star of Punjab. Jogi says if you agree to stay here then I will do anything you say. Avnit hugs him. Mahi thinks Avnit was successful in separating me from Jogi.

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Telecast Date:6th September 2021
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