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Jogi says what was this sound? Avnit says was watching a video. She says you look good, like a rockstar. Jogi says I feel incomplete. Like something isn’t there.. Avnit says Mahi. He says maybe. Avnit says sometimes we are so worried for what we don’t have that we don’t see what’s in front of you. Like your future is in front of you. Mahi will come. Jogi says I asked her not to. Avnit says she’s stubborn, she doesn’t listen to you. She will come here before your shoot starts. Jogi says you trust her so much? Avnit says just started knowing her better.

Scene 2
MAhi is driving. She says something bad is gonna happen. Why do I have such feeling. A woman stops Mahi. She says I need help.. Mahi says let me get you a taxi. She says take me in your car. She is a pregnant woman screaming in pain. Mahi looks for a taxi for her. Mahi says what should I do now? I have to be there a this shoot. It’s Chanda with her face hidden. She texts Avnit.

The shoot starts. Jogi looks around for Mahi but she isn’t there. Jogi starts shoot for the song. The director says why are you nervous? Hold the girls. Jogi is lost. He doesn’t get closer to the girls. The director says you can’t do it. Can you do lipsync? He plays another song. Jogi is nervous.

Mahi drives with Chanda. Mahi says don’t worry we will reach in 5 minutes. She says I want to go to City Hospital.. Mahi says but that’s too far. She says but my doctor is there. Mahi says how will I reach the shoot?

The director says stop. What rubbish is this Arjun? Chanda says drive slowly. Give me water. Mahi gives her water. Mahi says it’s so far. How will I reach the shoot? The director says this guy can’t shoot. We are wasting time with him. He’s a loser. Everyone talks about Jogi. Jogi recalls Mahi said these item songs aren’t your thing. you sing sufi songs. You’re not this person.

Jogi comes to the dressing room. He sits down and cries. Avnit holds his hand and says Jogi.. Jogi says Mahi was right. I can’t do all this. I can’t do anything without Mahi. I don’t know what to do. My mind is working. When she’s there I feel like I have a power. I feel empty. I am mad at her but I am looking for her everywhere. My focus was on that door waiting for my Mahi. Avnit says don’t cry. She hugs him. She says in heart soon you won’t even need her. Avnit says Jogi.. please control yourself.

I told you you will get everythign. You want Mahi right? I will call her. We will call her right now. Avnit calls Mahi but Mahi.. She says Mahi what are you saying? This day is very important for Jogi. Please come fast. Mahi says don’t play this drama. avnit says your problem is with me, but Jogi needs you. For him please come. jogi takes the phone and says don’t beg her. She doesn’t want to come.

I can do it without her. Jogi hangs up. Mahi cries. Mahi calls Jogi but he doesn’t pick. AVnit says Mahi is mad at you but you need her. Please pick the phone. Jogi throws the phone and says I don’t need her.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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