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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th February 2021 Priya cries and says please save my , marriage Mahi. Mahi says I won’t let anything happen. Mahi comes out. Jogi says hello we are baratis. Welcome us. Go and welcome us. She says I have something important to do. He says have the juice. It falls on her dress. Jogi says sorry for the stain. She says yeah you boys only know how to stain girls. Do you even know how girls suffer? Don’t you understand what no means? Why does a girl need to suffer every time? She leaves. Pappu says my plan is working.

Pappu stops Mahi and says what happened? You look worried. Do you need help with anything? We are family. Tell me, I am all ears. Mahi says in heart I can only ask him for help. This si for Priya’s life. Jogi says to Mahi I was only joking and you insulted me in front of everyone. No guy has no worth to stain any girl. Girls don’t realize their power. Mahi says thank you Jogi. She leaves. Pappu says juice.. Mahi says Gulshan I will teach you a lesson what girls can do.

Mahi comes to Gulshan. He’s drinking with his friends. He says yes Pappu ji it’s done. Mahi says Pappu ji? He says I said papa ji. Mahi gives her bangle to him and says give me your phone now. I will delete the video. He says I will delete it myself. Mahi says why do you have other videos too? No one else would spit on you. Thank God Priya is away from you. Now you will die alone. He laughs. Pappu calls Gulshan. Gulshan says a lot of girls are after me and there are so many girls are after. He takes the names of the girls. Mahi records everything and says no this video will go to everyone, they will beat him together. Pappu sees her phone and calls on the phone. Mahi’s phone falls. The video plays on it. Gulshan picks her phone. He says acting smart with me? Now I will teach you what I can do.. Pappu says I can’t see all this. Gulshan grasps Mahi. Mahi slaps him. He says there will be another video. The whole world will see your dignity slipping. He is about to hold her face. Jogi comes there and hits him. He looks at Mahi. He hits Gulshan and his friends. Pappu holds Mahi. Jogi sees the video of Gulshan and Priya. He is shocked. Mahi says please listen, it’s not that simple. He says my friend also has the right to know. His life isn’t a joke.

Gulshan says now I will get the money and will defame Priya as well. Mahi runs after Jogi and says please don’t do this. please listen. Think about her parents. This wedding would break. Mahi says I am sorry for everything I ever said to you. I will never fight with you. Please let this wedding happen. Don’t do anything today. I know you respect women and won’t let Priya’s marriage break. Society won’t accept this. No one will say anything to Gulshan but Priya’s life would be ruined. Priya would tell everything to Pakanj. She never even thought about anyone but Pakanj. Girls trust guys way too much. Should the one who trusted be punished or the one who fooled her? Gulshan is the one who betrayed her. Her heart and trust was broken and now she will be punished? Jogi says what about my friend? Who would be fair to him? I will remove this problem from the root.

Scene 2
Priya comes to the mandap. Jogi comes there. Mahi tries to stop him. Pappu looks at them. Pappu says time to party. Jogi comes to Pankaj and says come I have to talk to you. Semma says taking the groom from the mandap is not good. Jogi says it’s a lot more than good and bad. Pappu says what is happening here? He calls Gulshan and sees the phone ringing in Jogi’s hand. Pappu is is shocked. Mahi says I won’t let him ruin my plan.

Jogi shows the video to Pankaj. Mahi says shame on you. I thought you would understand a girl’s problem and understand. But you are no different from Gulshan. You have insulted not Priya but your ownself. I didn’t expect this from you. Pankaj takes off his turban and says I can’t marry Priya. Mahi is shocked.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi stops Gulshan and says you are banned to enter. They hit Gulshan. Mahi says who else has the video? Gulshan says Pappu ji. Mahi is shocked.

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Telecast Date:6th February 2021
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