Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th February 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th February 2021 Seema says to Mahi you look so pretty. She says sometimes you are angry on me, now you are loving me. She gives her gold bangles to her. She says people will say such a good family’s girl. You will get many proposals. Akash plays Jogi Mahi song. Seema and her husband fight over budget. She says my husband is such a miser.

Scene 2
Shalu wakes up. Pappu surprises her with diamond necklace. He says I didn’t let you go to Jago. I will take you to the wedding. She says I won’t go. It will affect you reputation. He says you wanted to go. It’s okay you can go. Pappu calls Gulshan and says Shalu shouldn’t be able to show her face to anyone.

Scene 3
The wedding starts. Baraat comes. Jogi gets the groom ready. He sees Mahi and keeps looking at her. The song ek larki ko dekha plays. Mahi is fighting with the beautician. She falls. Jogi holds her. She says thank you. He says you are not welcome. A guy says what a couple. Mahi says I am not with him. Jogi leaves. Someone puts a hand on Mahi’s face and takes her to side. It’s Gulshan.

Mahi tries to make noise but she can’t. Jogi wonders where did she go suddenly? Mahi says what is this? He shows her the MMS of Priya with him. He says you know what happened in that room. Mahi says you can’t blackmail me. Let me call police. He says what will you tell the police? Your friend’s wedding would stop. You have only one hour. I need 1 lac or I will forward this video to everyone. He makes Mahi fall. He leaves.

Jogi comes there. He says I got everything. She says it’s a misunderstanding. HE says I won’t let this happen to my friend. She says think about Priya. He says I won’t let you do this, You will steal my friend’s shoes and ask for money? Mahi realizes he didn’t hear. She is lost. Jogi says what is wrong? Mahi says move aside.

Gulshan tells Pappu. He says only I can give her this money and she will come begging to me. Everyone is enjoying the wedding. shalu says to Mahi why are you wearing such normal dress. Seema teases Biji and Rupa. Mahi hugs Priya in tears. Everyone wonders what happened to her. Mahi tells Priya Gulshan is here and blackmailing with your video. I told you to tell Pakanj. She says I was scared. Pankaj might react. Mummy dadddy were already married. She says you shouldn’t have been scared of him. Priya says where will we get 1 lac from? She gets the video on her phone. Priya says please save my wedding. Mahi says I will handle it. I won’t let anyone ruin your day.

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Telecast Date:5th February 2021
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