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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th April 2021 Bablu says so Mahi is here. He picks the bag. Mahi tries to come out. She opens the bag and comes out. Mahi faints. Bablu hides. Mahi recalls Chanda was the bride. She hit Mahi on head. Mahi says it was all Chanda’s plan so she could marry Arjun. I have to stop this wedding. She tries to get up. Mahi says I can’t give up. She tries to get up.

Scene 2
Shalu says Chanda get up. Pappu says Mahhi isn’t here. What will we do now? Mahi comes in. Renu says Mahi.. Shalu says are you okay? Sit. Chanda looks at Mahi. Renu says where were you? And what is this condition? Chanda pretends to fake. Renu says Chanda did this right? Shalu says why did Chanda do this? Mahi says because of Arjun.. She says in heart if I tell them about their affair they won’t let me marry Arjun. Renu says tell me? Mahi says I don’t know. Pappu says I apologize to you on her behalf. Nothing will go wrong now. Mahi says what had to happen did. I won’t let any problem happen now. Renu says we should lock this Chanda here.

Pappu calls Bablu and says you loser. You let her go. Now get lost from here before I do what I did to Gulshan.

Scene 3
Biji says we have to hide this Arjun somwehere your mom doesn’t see him. Arjun throttles Jogi, He says how dare you touch me. Jogi shoves him. He picks a knife and stabs Jogi. Jogi stopped his hand. Biji hits him on head and he faints. Biji says he’s a big man. We can geet in trouble. Jogi says I can die for Mahi. I won’t let this man marry Mahi. He will ruin her life. They hear noise.

A groom comes to Mahi’s place. Seema does his arti. There’s entire baraat. Jogi is shocked. Biji says what is happening? Seema is about to take the guy’s sehra to give him sweets. Pappu says it’s not okay. THey go inside. Biji says we have to do something. Mahi comes there with her sister dressed as a bride. Jogi says Mahi.. Mahi recalls what Arjun said. She looks at Jogi. Jogi says why are you doing this? Pappu takes Mahi inside. Jogi says I don’t know what’s happening. Who is this man? Biji says you have to do something. You can’t regret. What is that disguised man marries mahi? Go and do something. He says you are right. I won’t let any trouble come to Mahi.

Jogi comes to Mahi’s place. Guards don’t let him in. He walks outside. He sneaks in. Pappu says we don’t want you here. I will see you the sweets. Mahi says whatever problems were between us forget them, I wanted to say. He says this groom isn’t right. I think you should check him. Pappu shows him a gun and says get out. Whatever is happening, it’s not your problem. Jogi says if this marriage happens.. Pappu says this marriage will happen at all costs. He asks guards to throw Jogi out.

Jogi comes home and says I can’t give up. But if I create a problem the problem would come to us and this kidnapping. Jogi says there is only one way to stop this wedding.

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Telecast Date:5th April 2021
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