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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th October 2021 Renu tells Mahi to let’s go for shopping, we have to go to Jogi’s shoot. Mahi says you are worried about shopping with all this happening? Avnit is trapping Jogi in this music trap. I don’t want to go. Renu says you agreed to go. Mahi says what else could I do? Jogi comes there with Avnit and says you can still do something.

Jogi tells Mahi she doesn’t need to come. Avnit tells Jogi to let her be, don’t feel upset today as I am always with you. Don’t focus on unimportant things in your path, get ready and come. She glares at Renu and leaves. Mahi sadly looks at Jogi. Renu tells Jogi you took Mahi wrongly. Jogi says yes I am an idiot who can’t read people. Renu says you are right as otherwise, you would see Avnit’s real face, if you open your eyes then you will see who really is yours. Jogi says at least she didn’t try to shoot me.

Renu gets embarrassed and leaves. Mahi is stunned and says you did wrong. I know what Renu did was wrong but she repents her mistake, you said you forgave her then why this? Jogi says I didn’t forget anything. Mahi says leave all that, we will wear matching clothes today. Jogi says you don’t have to come as you don’t want to. Mahi says I want to. Jogi says everyone is coming so you are not needed.

Mahi says you will go alone on your first shoot? I know you will miss me. Jogi looks away and says I can handle myself. Mahi says but I can’t. Jogi is hurt and says you always complain I can’t make decisions so I am deciding today that you won’t come to the shoot as you don’t like my new songs. Mahi says I always want to be with you. Jogi says you don’t trust my talent and decisions so you don’t need to be there. Let me go now.

Scene 2
Avnit stops Renu and says you look down but soon you will be out of this house. Renu is about to slap her but Avnit grabs her hand, she says how dare you to shoot at my love Jogi? I won’t spare you easily for that. Renu pushes her away and says you don’t know who am I. I won’t spare you. Rupa comes there and says how dare you Renu?

we let you stay here and you are threatening my daughter like Avnit? Avnit says it’s okay, let’s not fight as it’s a big day for Jogi. Rupa says I have tried to ignore their mistakes because of Jogi but not anymore. She tells Renu that we don’t need people like you in this house so get lost with your mother today. Renu is shocked. Rupa leaves. Avnit smirks and leaves. Renu is tensed.

Rupa does Jogi’s aarti. She tells Avnit that I want to do your aarti, Avnit smiles. Beeji asks where is Mahi? Jogi says she is not coming. Avnit says I will get the car, she goes away.

Mahi is getting ready in her room. She says I am sure Jogi will call me.

Jogi tells Beeji that she isn’t happy with this shoot. Beeji says you both promised to be together in good and bad. Go and call her, she deserves to be part of your success. Jogi says I know Mahi wanted me to be successful but she did all that as she didn’t trust my talent, she thinks I can’t do anything alone. Mahi is hurt hearing all that.

Renu tells Seema that I am scared to face Rupa. I don’t want Mahi and Jogi to fight because of me so I think we should leave from here. Where will we go now? Renu gets a call from Deepak from another number. He says I have got a house so you can come and stay with me. Renu says can mummy come with me? He says sure. Renu gets excited and says we will come today only.

Avnit gives money to the man who called Renu as Deepak. He takes money and leaves. Avnit thinks Mahi’s day is going to be special.

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Telecast Date:4th October 2021
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