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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 31st August 2021 All sit to have dinner. Jogi looks at Mahi and smiles. Rupa asks him why is he not eating? Jogi glances at Mahi and says I already ate. Rupa sees Avnit coming there and starts to leave but she stop her. She says I didn’t come here to hurt anyone. I just wanted to help this family as my own. Mahi says that’s why you did all that yesterday? She tells Jogi that I was silent because of you but now she has to tell us why she did all that, why she would put such cheap blame on my brother? Jogi says it’s not needed, let’s end that matter and move on. Avnit cries and says I have hurt you all, I am sorry. Don’t worry, I have decided to leave this house today. Akash smirks. Jogi is worried and leaves from there.

Jogi comes to his room and is tensed. Mahi hugs him and says I know you don’t like to see Avnit leave this house but some relationships need space. Jogi gets a call and says I will ask my wife. He ends the call and tells Mahi that I got a call from the producer’s secretary, they want me to come and record my song. Mahi hugs him and says it’s all your talent. Jogi says it’s your efforts also. Mahi says it’s a good day, you got a call from the studio and a devil like Avnit is leaving too.

Beeji tells Rupa that it’s good Avnit is leaving. Now just accept Jogi and Mahi’s relationship. Rupa comes to Avnit’s room and sees her packing. She says I just came to tell you that we are going back to Tabela, we don’t need your house anymore. Avnit says don’t say all that. Why are you saying all this? Rupa says you are asking me after what happened yesterday? You should have thought that Akash’s life would be destroyed. I dreamed of Jogi being with you but you proved Mahi right in front of everyone. Avnit says I am already leaving the house but don’t snatch motherly love from me, she hugs her and cries. Rupa moves away and says we have got a big milk order, I am going with Beeji. When Veerji comes back then you should be gone. Rupa leaves. Avnit says her Veerji can’t come as he is already here. Veerji is hiding in Avnit’s room and smirks. Avnit says Rupa got the milk order because of Veerji only.

Mahi asks Jogi to go and record his song. Jogi says you are coming with me. Mahi says I have to take care of mummy and Avnit is still here. Jogi says I won’t go alone, I need you. Mahi says it’s a big chance for you and my love is with you always. Jogi says I won’t go alone at all, he leaves. Mahi looks on.

Avnit tells her father that I have made Mahi and her family believe that I lost but they don’t know that it was just a trailer. Her father says I don’t want to lose you, just think again. Avnit says if you don’t want to lose me then do as I say. She smirks.

Scene 2
Mahi and Jogi come to Avnit. Mahi says Jogi got a call from the producer and they want him to record a song. Avnit says that’s a great news, you are going with him right? Mahi says not only me, you are coming with us also. Avnit gets tensed and says me? Mahi says yes, Jogi started singing again because of you being stubborn so I thought you should listen to him sing before you leave. Avnit hugs her and says thank you. Mahi thinks I can’t let her stay here with my family. Mahi and Jogi go from there. Avnit gets a call from the producer, she says we are coming there.

Renu sees an ad regarding clothes sale. She tells Akash that I have to go and buy all that. Renu says I can’t leave mom here. Akash says I can stay here, Avnit won’t do anything. She is broken now, I will show you the demo. He sees Avnit going from there and stops her. He tells Avnit that now you know what it’s like to mess with my family? Mahi comes there and says what are you doing Akash? Avnit cries and says let me go Akash, I have already said sorry. Avnit looks at the sale ad in Renu’s hand and recalls how she had put it in her magazine deliberately. Avnit smirks and leaves. Mahi tells Akash to not misbehave with her. I am going with Jogi for song recording and Avnit is coming with us. You both have to stay here with mummy. Akash says sure, Mahi leaves. Akash asks Renu to not worry and go for the shopping. Renu hugs him and leaves.

Rupa and Beeji are leaving the house. Akash comes there and says sorry, I shouldn’t have talked rudely to you on raksha bandhan day. Rupa nods and says we will be back in 2-3 hours. They leave.

Mahi, Jogi and Avnit come to the studio. The producer welcomes them and says I have become a fan of Jogi. Let’s start recording right now. Jogi looks on. Mahi says this opportunity will make your life so don’t be scared. Jogi drinks water and tries to calm himself. Avnit sees Akash calling her and tries to tell Mahi but Mahi says it’s not the time for all this, she goes with Jogi. Avnit smirks and says she is right, it’s not time to talk but for action.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Avnit comes back and calls out to Akash. He asks what is she doing? Avnit shows him a knife and says I have come to kill you and then your mother. Akash slaps her and tries to strangle her. Jogi and Mahi come there. Jogi shouts at Akash to stop it. Avnit cries for help.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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