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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th October 2021 Mahi walks towards the door. The song tere liye hum ne jiye plays. Mahi touches the door. Jogi is about to open the door. Avnit takes Jogi from there and says you hate tabela right? Why did you come here? He says that voice. Avnit says what voice? He says a voice that was touching my soul.

I need to see who it was. Avnit says no. There was no voice. He says I did. Avnit says you drank a lot today. You need rest. Avnit sends him home. Avnit sees a shadow. She opens the door and sees Mahi. Avnit is shocked. She steps back and falls. Avnit looks up it’s Shalu and Pappu only. Avnit says it was my imagination only. She leaves. Mahi comes out. Avnit is shocked. She runs home.

Avnit runs home. Biji says what happened? Why are you fainted? Avnit says Mahi.. No no it can’t be her. Biji says Mahi? She smiles. Biji comes to the tabela. Biji says I knew you will come one day Mahi. She hugs her. Biji says my daughter.. Mahi says I was released due to my good behavior. Biji says I am so happy.

Biji says where did you learn to sing? Mahi says Guru ji used to come there. I learned it there for arti. Biji says you know how to make ways. Biji says everything will be fine now. Let’s go home. Mahi stops her. Mahi says no Biji. I won’t go in that house. Biji says don’t say that. We all need you. Jogi has ruined his life in this success. Let’s go please. Save him. Mahi says my Jogi was already lost. The Jogi you’re talking about is no one to me.

Mahi says I know you love me a lot and I value that. But in that house I was falsly accused. I didn’t lose my mom and sister only that day. I lost my in-laws and husband too. So I have no relationship with you and that family. I am back but won’t ever come back to your or Jogi’s please. Please go. Don’t expect anything from me. Biji says I never gave up on hope in three years. Do you think I would now? I believe in God. I know you and Jogi will reunite again. She hugs her and leaves.

Scene 2
Jogi wakes up restless. He says why am I so restless. He looks for something. Mahi opens her box and sees her earrings. The song piya aye naa. The other earing is with Jogi. He looks at it. They both look for it in the sky. Mahi drops it.

Avnit calls Arjun. Arjun says aren’t your done? You insulted me so much. What do you want? Avnit says Mahi is back. She’s back. Shouldn’t she be in the jail? Arjun says I don’t know and I don’t care.

Avnit says you should care because I do. Don’t forget if Jogi sees Mahi everything would be ruineed. I have worked very hard. Jogi has worked hard to be here. I won’t let it go in vain. Mahi will ruin everything. We have to do something. Arjun says do whatever you want. I won’t do anything. Avnit says don’t even dare to cut the call. You have to help me. He says after so much insult I would help you?

Avnit says see.. This isn’t to fight between us. We have to move ahead together. We have the same enemy. Mahi. We have to defeat her together. If that Mahi comes back to my Jogi’s life he will let go of all the effort and success he has. Everything will be ruined. You will suffer the most loss.

If you don’t want that to happen, do as I say. Arjun says okay, what do you want me to do? Avnit says they say every drop of blood tells a story. Whenever it’s about Jogi and Mahi, I have dropped my blood. I have hurt myself enough. But not anymore. There will be blood, but not mine. Mahi’s. For jogi, Mahi died some time back. But make it official now. Get Mahi release from this painful life. Arjun and Chanda are shocked.

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Telecast Date:30th October 2021
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