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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th January 2021 Mahi and Jogi do the Pooja together. Dadi says they look like a miracle. Rupa says I am not sure. Dadi says look at how they are looking at each other. Rupa says this is the silence before the storm. Pappu looks at them. Shalu says I will talk to Mahi. He says no, this is my problem. I need to fix it.

Mummy ji gets a call and says I am coming. Your daughter has ruined it again. Deepak says why is Mahi doing this to Pappu. Renu says she always creates a problem. Shalu says I will teach her a lesson. Pappu says we are elders. No one will say anything to her. She’s our family. Shalu says you’re so kind. He says these stable people are manipulating Mahi. I will show them how bad can I get.

The kids leave. Mahi collides with Jogi. SHe says stay away. He says I was only trying to help. Jogi says I am sure you want to be friends with me. She sits in her car. Her mom comes out and says come out. She says I have to drop the kids. She says Akash will. Come with me. She drags her our. Jogi says she keeps fighting with me. Dadi says it happens in the beginning of love.

Scene 2
Mahi’s mom brings Pappu to the house and says apologize to Pappu. Mahi says what have I done? Shalu says everyone knows. We left to bring the kids to our place. Renu says you took them to that disgusting place. We were all waiting here. Shalu and Pappu were waiting too. Mahi looks at them and says I did it all because Pappu asks. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says jeju says we should never take the right from someone. jogi brought 2 kids. So we can’t bring them here. Mahi’s mom says what about the arrangement Pappu did. Mahi says Rupa aunty served them well as well.

Jogi says Mahi isn’t that bad. I can give her once chance. Dadi says love of friendship? He says let’s skip friendship. Rupa says Biji she is Pappu’s SIL. Je doesn’t even want to let us live here. Biji says there is a villain in each story.

Mummy says apologize to Pappu Mahi. Mahi says papu brought the kids. Mummy ji says you did wrong. She says it wasn’t my mistake. Maa says yes it’s my mistake I gave birth to you. I will apologize to pappu instead of you. She says pappu ji I am sorry for her mistake. Mahi is upset. Mahi holds her hands and says your hands are only to give love or slippers to me, not to apologize. Mahi says to Pappu I made the mistake so I will apologize. Pappu says no no I won’t let you apologize. You’re my family. You are my Kanch. How can we let you go empty handed, he says Mishra give her the gift we sent her last night. Shalu says come in Mahi.

Scene 3
Pappu comes in balcony. His men start breaking things in Jogi’s house. Biji and Rupa say no one can dare to ask us to leave our stable. We will break your bones. They start hitting them. A goon shoves them. He holds Ladu. Jogi comes and says our mothers are done pooja here. How dare you touch my biji, mom and ladu. He beats them. Jogi takes them out beating them. Jogi says who sent you? Biji says that Pappu. Who else. Jogi comes out in anger.

Jogi breaks the gate and comes in. Everyone comes out. Jogi throttles Pappu. Shalu says oh God. Mahi says Jogi leave him please. Everyone asks Jogi to leave him. Jogi doesn’t. Mahi puts a hand on his heart. He leaves Pappu.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi says Jogi listen.. He says don’t come inside. She says don’t be angry. He says I don’t calculate before doing something anger, love or friendship. If anything happens to my Biji, maa or ladu I will shatter your BIL.

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Telecast Date:30th January 2021
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