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Rupa says she always wanted to marry Arjun and you came in between. Then she was stuck so thought to make you something. When she realized you can’t be anything, she went back to him. Mahi cries. Rupa says I told you on day one this girl isn’t right for this house and you. But you never listened. She only cares about money. Nothing else. A man comes and says there is a parcel for Mahi.

Jogi opens the parcel. It’s from Arjun. The card says for beautiful Mahi. Rupa says got the proof as well? Jogi opens the box. It’s a necklace. Rupa says you wanted all this right? Expensive gifts. Mahi says wait a minute bebe. I didn’t do anything. What proof do you have? A photo? If you see it from bad eyes, it would look back. It’s an ordinary photo. I am saying one thing and Arun the other. The only question is, would my family trust me? Or people who would question won’t be my people. I won’t need to say anything to people who are mine. And the ones who don’t trust me, it’s useless to say anything to them. Mahi leaves. Rupa says she knows how to twist things around. She left because she knows what’s wrong.

Jogi says no bebe. She left because she is right. She could answer you but for that, she would have to prove you wrong and disrespect you. Sorry but Mahi is right this time and you’re wrong. I trust her. Rupa says so you will go against your mom for her? Jogi says I am calling right, right.

Scene 2
Jogi comes to Mahi. Mahi ignores him. He picks pillows and pretends they are Mahi and Jogi. Jogi says hello Mahi.. Are you mad at me? Don’t talk to me. I will stay angry. Jogi plays loud music. Chanda looks in their house. Jogi plays different songs. Mahi ignores him. Jogi dances around Mahi. Rupa says Jogi will never change. Mahi tries to leave. Jogi says I don’t trust Arjun. I don’t care about him. Mahi says the way you left the studio, showed you care. Arjun sends the photo to Chanda. Jogi says I was angry. But not at you. Mahi says you’re always angry. You had to stand by me. Seema says are they fighting? Mahi says only your emotions matter? Stay away from me. He says I know you care for me and my family. You do all this for us. But it’s a bit wrong. Mahi says what wrong did I do? He says why did you go there? Mahi says so you don’t go there and lash out your anger. I went there to teach him a lesson. Jogi says I trust you. Mahi says you have to become a star now. You have to accept all the challenges. Jogi says I am tired. I can’t do all this. Mahi says I won’t let you back out. He says I am tired of challenges. Mahi says you have to do it. Jogi says I will serve you. Mahi says because you love me right? He says so you stay in front of me and don’t plan any of this. Mahi leaves in anger.

Chanda says Arjun’s plan is working.

Scene 3
Mahi comes downstairs at night. Rupa ignores her. Mahi ignores her too. Jogi gives her food. He does her work. Mahi says let me do my work. Mahi says then okay I will ride my Mc21. You do house chores. Rupa says to Mahi you don’t have to do anything. You got everything. Money and respect. Being the girlfriend of such a big man. Jogi says enough bebe. Don’t say all this again. We both know there’s no such thing. Biji and Rupa leave. The delivery guy comes and says Arjun sent these flowers for Mahi. Rupa says see? How will you shut up the world? Mahi throws the flowers. The delivery guy says you have to heat this cake. Arjun has ordered me not to leave till you eat it. Mahi eats it. It has my sweet heart written on it. Mahi throws it in the floor and says get out. Chanda looks at Mahi.

Mahi says Chanda why is Arjun doing all this? Chanda says you are doing all this. You are very smart. You know how to keep love and money in life together. Kept Jogi for love and Arjun for Mahi. Mahi is shocked. Chanda says wow. Mahi says I don’t want anything Arjun. You better take him. Stay away from my family and husband. Another delivery guy comes and says Mahi madam, Arjun sent it for you. Mahi opens. It’s a dress. Mahi throws it on the floor. Jogi looks at Mahi. Mahi comes upstairs. He locks the door. Mahi says Jogi open the door. Arjun is doing all this to create a rift between us. If you give up on your dreams, he will be very happy. His plan would work out. Please open the door. Bell rings again. Jogi says go open the door, Arjun must have sent another gift for you.

A man comes. He says Mahi ji, I came to sign Jogi ji. Mahi says who sent you? He says by my own choice. Mahi says after hearing his voice? He says yes. Mahi says Jogi come downstairs. They came to sign you. He says it must be Arjun’s plot. Mahi says no he heard your voice. Jogi says my voice or Arjun’s orders? Jogi shoves him and says don’t do this drama. Media comes in. Reporters ask Mahi Jagrata sensation your husband and Arjun Rai your boyfriend? So many girls want Arjun Rai but you got him. how? Jogi says get out. Jogi hits him. The reporter says if Arjun is your boyfriend why are you with this Jogi? Jogi hits them. He says get out. The reporter says your wife has a boyfriend and you have no shame. Jogi shuts the door. Mahi says Jogi.. Jogi opens the door and leaves in anger. Rupa says I told you if anything happens to my son again, I won’t leave you. Mahi says enough bebe. What I am doing is a mother’s responsibility. To give courage and push their kids to success. To show him the path. You didn’t do any of it, so I have to. If you did your responsibility, I won’t have to. Please stop coming in my way. She says I don’t get your big lectures and neither does my son. You just pray Jogi doesn’t do anything wrong now.

Scene 4
Jogi comes to Arjun and says enough of your drama. He is about to hit Arjun. arjun’s guard hits Jogi on the head. Arjun says we will see whose game will end now. Jogi says you’re a coward. Arjun sprays something in his eyes. Arjun says you are an idiot. Arjun’s goons hit Jogi. The media reports outside Mahi’s house we aren’t getting any answers. The van throws Jogi outside the house. The reporter says the husband whose wife has an affair, he suffers this way. Who hit you? Mahi comes out and sees Jogi badly injured. Mahi cries Jogi.. She shoves them. Mahi says Jogi open your eyes. The reporter asks did your lover Arjun Rai do this? Mahi hugs Arjun. The reporter asks did you do this to your husband? Mahi shoves them and says shame on you. Is your humanity dead? Mahi cries. Mahi says instead of asking his condition, you are asking me these questions? Seema says Akash, go and help her. Mahi shouts get out of here.

Biji and Rupa come out as well. Akash and Mahi pick Jogi. Rupa holds him. Rupa asks Jogi what hapepend? They take Jogi inside. Rupa cries looking at him. Mahi says don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Rupa says as long as you are here, nothing can be right. You are a curse of this house. Since you came to this house, you have eaten my son’s happiness. Get out of here. Akash says but.. Mahi stops him. Biji says no doctor is picking the call. Mahi goes out in her Mc21. A man is on the way. He calls his cab company and says how can you cancel it? He stops Mc21. Mahi stops car with a sudden brake. Mahi says are you crazy? He says I am getting very late for a meeting. Can you please drop me? Mahi says I have to go for something very important. Get another taxi. He says my taxi canceled me. I will pay triple. Mahi says you rich people think you can buy anyone with money? You can’t tempt me with it. He says my thoughts are the same with money. But it’s very important for me to be in that meeting. For humanity, please drop me. Mahi says where do you have to go? He tells the location. she says okay, it will be on the way.

The guy sits in Mahi’s car. He says I only have 13 minutes left. Can you take a shortcut? Mahi says I will drop you there in 6 minutes. It’s hard to find people like you who have a passion for work. You don’t look from Ambarsar. He says I am from Mumbai. Came here for some new project. She says great, that will create jobs in our city. Mahi plays songs. It’s Jogi’s voice. He asks this singer is amazing. Mahi says so is this person. He says do you know him? Mahi says he’s my husband. His name is Jogi. He asks love marriage? Mahi says he fell in love with me. And it got arranged. He says Jogi tells his love through his music what is it for you? Mahi says for me love is to give it all for the person you love. He says the love you are talking about happens in movies. In the real world, it happens both ways. It’s demand and take. Your Jogi will become a big singer one day. Thank you for today. You have helped me a lot. If you need anything in the future, I would love to help you. Mahi says I wish you could give your passion for work to Jogi. He says your passion will create it in him. Mahi says I hope it comes true. He says why were you in anger? Mahi says I was. I was going to reduce my anger. Mahi says your destination is here. He says btw I am Rishi. Mahi says Mahi. Mahi says I hope you get successful. Mahi says I will teach you lesson Arjun.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi comes to Arjun’s place and hits him. Rupa says it’s time to take things in my own hands. She calls someone. Mahi says who did you call? She says someone who will change everything in this house. You will know who’s coming and why.

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