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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th June 2021 Pappu says what are you doing? Why are you throwing alcohol on me? rupa comes and stops Jogi. He doesn’t listen. He is about to burn her. Rupa says it’s wrong. Jogi says he made my Mahi clean his house. Wasn’t that wrong? You and Mahi did wrong too by hiding it. This man is a demon. They tried to tell me that Mahi did it, I didn’t trust because I knew you both wouldn’t lie to me. you were scared I would do destruction here? I would. Pappu grasps his collar. Pappu says you are right. I don’t deserve to live. Chanda says PP? Is that you? Pappu says I have realized all my mistakes. Rupa says let’s go. Pappu says let me apologize. What mistake did I do that I became this evil. Now I will clean my house and yours. He cleans the floor. Police come out. Pappu says police? Who called them? He laughs and says I did. He says now you would go to jail.

Chanda says in heart this will ruin Arjun’s plan to make him a singer and torture him. Pappu says now you will see what I can do. Everything is recorded in the camera. No one can save you now. Jogi says if I can barge into your house in the day, I can sneak into your room at night and kill you. The inspector comes in. Pappu says he’s being a goon in our house. The inspector says we are taking him. Rupa says he didn’t do anything.. They take him. Biji and Rupa scream. Biji says how did you let them go?

Scene 2
Mahi is on her way. Rupa asks where is Mahi? Mahi says today is so good. Nothing can go wrong. I sold 5kg of cheese. Jogi is getting 50k for the jagrata. Is he still asleep? Let me go to him. Let’s all go and surprise him. Mahi sees them worried and asks what happened? Mahi says I was shocked too that Jogi made 50k. She says what happened? Rupa tells her everything.

Mahi is worried. Mahi says I have spoken to Pankaj. He’s arranging a lawyer. Bebe why didn’t you stop him. You should have stopped him. Rupa says he doesn’t listen. Jogi’s friend comes in. He says here’s your son’s earning 50k. Jogi sings so well, he will make so much money. He’s a magician. We are getting a lot more calls for him. Where is he? Biji says he has gone out for some work. Mahi says he’s in jail. He says but booking? Mahi says he will be out. I will bring him.

Scene 3
Pappu burns Jogi’s statue. Chanda says I am really tensed. Pappu says a drink and be happy. Chanda says how can you so selfish? This wasn’t the plan. We had to follow Arjun’s plan to make him singer so he can control his life and destroy him. Pappu says you must take orders from Arjun I don’t. It’s over already. Chanda says but Arjun.. He says I decide what happens here. He came to kill me and I should wait for Arjun? Mahi will try to save him. Then get Arjun’s plan on. Shalu says he’s right. Renu says yes. Pappu says you must be having fun in the jail.

Mahi prays Jogi. Rupa says it all happened because of you and Jogi. I told you you have always brought troubles in Jogi’s life. Life keeps revolving around these troubles. Biji says punish people who did it. Scolding Mahi won’t help. Come with me.. They take rods. Mahi stops them and says I will cut my hand if you step out. Rupa says city girls can’t do that. She cuts her finger. Biji says are you crazy? What did you do? She cleans her blood. Rupa brings honey. Mahi says I am a city girl but from Ambarsar. Until I come back you both would stay home. Now I know Jogi learned this barging in from you both. Kids learn from elders. If you want to change pappu change yourself first. Pappu wants us to make a mistake so he can use it against us. We have to control our anger and use our brains.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi says Mahi the jagrata is tomorrow. How will I sing tomorrow. Pappu shows Jogi’s statue in front of Mahi. Mahi says I will also file and attempt to murder case and let’s see who goes to jail.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2021
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