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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th May 2021 Jogi plays drums outside Pappu’s house. He says who is it now? Jogi comes in. Pappu says how dare you to come here? Jogi says you forgot? My wife and your SIL broke Chanda’s nose. You told Mahi she can come any day. So I came on her behalf today. Hello, mummy ji. Seema says why are you here? He says to tell you how powerful marriage is. Your daughter’s love made me stand. Chanda says what are you here for? Jogi says you lost yesterday and your bhabhi will lose tomorrow. Mahi has said yes to participate in the contest. Everyone is shocked. Jogi says mummy ji you did everything to make her withdraw. I understood what was in your heart band I convinced her to take part. Goodbye.

Rupa says why did you have to go there? You know how Pappu is. Jogi says no one can defeat me Mahi gives him milk. He says I am okay. Mahi says this is for your throat. Rupa smiles at her. Jogi says you both are talking in the eyes like daughter and mother? Mahi says shut up. We respect each other. Jogi says why do you respect my mom? Mahi says because she is strong. She doesn’t do anything wrong. Jogi says when will you call her your mom as well? Mahi says drink this. You challenged them that we will win. He says no one can defeat you. Mahi says you also have to prepare. I have a challenge for you. There’s around in which the partner has to sing. Can you? Jogi coughs. Jogi says in heart I have to change the voice. Mahi if you’re clever, I am double clever. He says I will sing as long as you dance. Mahi says you start, let’s see if you can drink. You can’t drink like that person who sings from his soul. Jogi says you don’t even know who that is.

Jogi starts singing, Mahi dances on the song. He is singing in a different voice. Mahi says he’s a cartoon. His voice is nothing close to that singer. Rupa looks at them dancing.

Scene 3
Rupa says Mahi didn’t agree with what I said for the first time. Jogi is behind all this. Chanda says don’t blame your failure on someone else. You’re sitting at your SIL’s house and shamelessly eating. You could do this much for him. Shalu says how dare you. She is living at her daughter’s place with all the respect. Chanda says where were you when Jogi was insulting my brother? You did nothing. You never talk back to Mahi. Shalu says what should I do? Shoot them? Chanda says do something at least that ever shows that you care for my brother more. Shalu says I don’t need to prove anyone anything. Pappu knows everything. Chanda says my innocent PP doesn’t know you only take your family’s side. This time if you don’t do anything I will show you what can I do. Shalu says what will you do? Chanda says I will get you both divorced. Everyone is shocked. Chanda says I can end this luxury for your family. You’re here because your daughter is marrid to my brother.I will get you all kicked out. So my dear Bhabhi, better decide, Mahi or my brother. Your future depends on this. Shalu sits down on the sofa and says divorce? I can’t stay on the road. Seema says Mahi..

Scene 4
Mahi is tired. She falls asleep. Jogi looks at her and smiles. Jogi says don’t look at me like this I will fall in love. She says post these cheesy lines on social media to get famous. He says I only want to get famous in your eyes. I know you’re impressed by my singing. Mahi says you sing good but it’s not that deep. He says it’s an ocean. Mahi says it’s just a lake kids bathe in and cows too. Jogi says it’s just in your eyes. I have removed the black and white filter from your eyes. Now you will realize it ins’t less than the ocean. Rupa looks at them and says they’re playing with fire. This will break Mahi’s heart first.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi says to Jogi pick me in your arms. Jogi says as you say. Jogi picks Mahi. Chanda says we will do something that makes Jogi come here and we will shoot him. Renu hears this.

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Telecast Date:27th May 2021
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