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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th January 2021 Mahi starts driving her taxi. She takes her tea. Jogi collides with Mahi. He says have you seen the taxi driver? She says in front of you. He says that’s beauty. Mahi says I am the taxi driver. He says what? She says yes I am. A woman says Mahi.. He says such a sweet name. She sees a family. Jogi says take me as well. The woman says we are going to Mall road. He says yes how can I say no to such a cute girl. Mahi stops him. he says driverni.. you can’t stop me. She says that’s my job. We stay away from people like you. Jogi says wow you’re a beautiful accident.

Neetu says what MGH21 written on your car? That’s a plane’s name. She says I like to fly my car. She says are you parents not okay? Mahi says they are well off and healthy. I like to drive. The tire punctures. Neetu says what will we do now? Mahi says I can fix it. Jogi comes on cycle and says I can fix it for you. Mahi says I can do it. She fixes the tire. He says you need strength to pick the tire, she can’t. Mahi picks it and fixes the tire. She washes her face. Jogi looks at her. Neetu’s son drives the car by mistake.. He screams for help. Neetu cries. Mahi and Jogi stop the car together. Mahi pulls the hand break.

Jogi imagines Mahi in bridal. She sees his hand bleeding. Mahi says are you okay? He says our life is one (teri meri ik jindri). Mahi and Jogi dance around the village. Mahi heals his wound. He comes out of his dream. Neetu says I see hero heorin in you. It ‘s a movie. They will fall in love. Jogi smiels. Mahi says I can drop you. He says ask with love. She says come if you want to. Jogi says I will go with chacha. He says I can’t find my phone. Can you give a missed call. She says this is an old trick to get phone number and I won’t fall for it. He says we will meet again. Neetu uploads Mahi’s photo.

Scene 2
Mahi’s brother and dada and dad see the video. Pappu (a rich man) also sees the video. He’s angry. A girl comes in. He says stop. See what your sister is doing now. He shows her the video. Mahi’s sister says she’s so cool. So many likes. This should be the theme of my next party. He says are you crazy? This is so cheap. What will people say? People will say your sister fixes tires? She says I am glad I married you, you bring me on right time. I will talk to Mahi. She calls her mom and says didn’t you see what Mahi did? Pappu ji and our name would be ruined. Pappu says I am a genius and I will get that small locket.

Scene 3
Mahi sneaks home. Her mom hits her with a rod in fun and says where were you all day? MAhi runs. She runs after her. Mahi says what I did was a good thing. It’s my work. She says who will marry you when they find out you’re a driver? It’s affecting your complexion. she says this is my hard work. She says I wanted to get you a husband like Pappu. She says he treats didi like a puppet. I don’t want a husband like that. Seema (mom) says if you don’t’ bring pooja things I will hide your car keys. Mahi leaves.

Mahi comes to Rupa’s place. She says is she okay? Mahi sees a blanket and puts her face in it. Jogi is inside. Mahi says you.. What are you doing at Rupa aunty’s place? He says you came here after me? He says I came here to meet my best friend. He shows her the cows. Mahi says Rupa aunty. Rupa comes on a bike. She says there is a thief in your house. Rupa says he’s my son. Dadi and Rupa fight. Mahi says he’s so useless. HE sleeps at this hour? This is work time. He says why work? She says how will you do your responsibility? Like, buy the car and all? He says I already have a lot of happiness. Mahi says Rupa aunty we need milk. She says Jogi can milk the cow. Jogi milks the cow for her.

Jogi says we will do the pooja. Mahi says Rupa aunty tell him it will only happen at our place. Jogi throws the milk towards her and says it will happen at our place. Mahi says challenge accepoted.

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Telecast Date:27th January 2021
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