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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th March 2021 Mahi and Yogi see each other but decides to move away to keep the promise they gave to each other’s parents. Yogi continues his journey on his bike. Mahi comes back home and tells Dadu that now nobody needs to worry about the money. She asks where mummy is. He tells her that she has gone to meet Rupa to talk to her about marrying Yogi with her. Mahi is shocked and says why? Dadu says because Yogi loves you. Mahi says that he is just a friend, who told you all this. Dadu says Pappuji told us. Mahi tries to call her mother and rushes to Yogi’s place.

Mahi’s mother reaches Yogi’s house. Rupa receives them and throws the sweet away that Mahi’s mother has brought along with her. She says that how dare you think that I will accept your sweet and offer after all that you have said and done to my Yogi. Mahi’s mother retaliates and says that you are small not only in status but also in thinking. if it was not for my daughter I wouldn’t even enter your house. She calls them roadside people and says that Yogi has lured her daughter. The matter escalates to a point where they were about to hit each other. Mahi’s mother tries to strangle Rupa. Bebe tries to interfere. Pappu makes her lose her balance and she accidentally hits Seema on her head. Meher reaches there and sees her mother lying unconscious on the floor. Pappu does some more drama to hype the situation.

Rupa tries to explain but Mahi stops her and says that it’s only her mother who is bleeding and I don’t want to hear anything. She takes her to the hospital. To further escalate the drama, Pappu calls the police. Rupa and Bebe are both arrested by the Police. The officer informs them that a charge of attempt to murder has been registered ad Mahi herself has witnessed. Pappu asks Gilheri to inform Yogi that Bebe and Rupa have been arrested. Yogi immediately turns back to come home.

At home, Mahi asks who asked you to take my relation’s proposal to Yogi’s house. Mahi tells everyone that she has said yes to Rai Sahab and she is ready to marry Arjun. Seema says that she is happy if Mahi is happy. She gives sweet to her. Pappu tells everyone that he got Bebe and Rupa arrested. Mahi goes to get them bailed. Yogi also goes to the Police station to get them bailed. Yogi loses his temper to see Rupa and Bebe in this condition. Rupa tells her that Mahi has filled the FIR against them.

Mahi reaches the Police station. Rupa asks her if she is here to get them hanged. Yogi asks what is she doing here. She says I am here to bail them. She tries to explain that Pappu is behind all this but Yogi is too furious to understand anything and asks her to leave. He says enough of your friendship, you should be ashamed for doing all this to me and my family. Mahi says I will leave but after getting them bailed. Yogi says no need to do any favor for me, I will handle it myself. If you still want to help me then do me a favor and never show your face to me ever.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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