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Rupa says nothing has changed. Mahi still considers you a friend no husband or family. SHe’s going everything for her real family. Jogi says what is he doing? She’s making them pay for our pain. She cares about us and she’s our family. She did what she said. This is just the beginning. Once we win the contest, our revenge would be completed. Rupa says it might ruin other things. Take care of them too Mahi. Mahi is confused.

Scene 2
Renu and Shalu make fun of Chanda. She says you shouldn’t make of others when you stay and eat at other people’s place. You don’t even have your own life. Renu says you.. Chanda shuts her lips and says you can’t speak in front of me in my house. At least Mahi has a tabela. You and your husband have nothing. Shalu sa end it all here. You both have to follow these rules. Renu no teasing and Chanda no making faces. We are all one team for now. Let’s be good to each other because our enemy is one. Chanda says we have to stop Mahi from taking part in this contest. We can’t take this chance. Renu says she’s right. Shalu says I will get her dropped out.

Scene 3
Biji says I am going to the temple to pray for him. Rupa says where will you live? Biji says in the temple. I will pray for Mahi and Jogi. Mahi hasn’t accepted Jogi and Pappu keeps creating problems. I have to pray for his family.

Shalu comes to Seema and says you have to choose one daughter. Seema says I chose you and gave you my blessings not Mahi. Shalu says you have to do something. Shalu tells her the plan. Shalu says if you love me you have to dot his.

Jogi wonders why Mahi is so worried. Jogi says do you have a tablet for tension? Mahi says, drama queen. He says why are you worried? My sun is dim. Tell me. I am your friend. Mahi says I don’t need a friend. I am something. He says, husband? I am all ready. Mahi says shut up. I am talking about mummy. Whenever I am in a problem mummy used to solve it. I want an answer to decide something. I need to talk to mummy. He says but she’s mad at you. I can’t be your mom. What do you want to ask her? Tell me what can I do? Mahi says I need mummy. He says after all the curses? Mahi says there is only love behind her curses. When I got Mc21 she gave me so many curses but she did the pooja. She was so happy when I defeated Chanda. Jogi says she didn’t even give you blessings. Mahi says her blessings are always with me. He says you can go and meet her. You defeated Pappu and said you can meet your family whenever you want. Mahi says I know I will find my answers in her curses this time as well.

Scene 4
Mahi comes to Pappu’s house and says mummy.. Shalu says Renu she is here t ask for money. We give to a lot of beggars. She must be here to ask for the dress for the contest. Shalu says thank God you won otherwise how would you give a registration fee? Pappu has such a big heart. He gives money to everyone. Mahi says I came here to meet mummy. Seema says enough Shalu. She hugs Mahi in tears. Renu says what is happening here. Mahi says mummy I came here to meet you. You live so close yet I couldn’t meet you. Did you forgive me? Seema nods. Mahi says I have a question. I know you wll answer me. Shalu says what? Seema says enough. For how long will you fight? We are all blood. Shalu says she ruined your name everything and you’re taking her side? Seema says yes because I know she will listen to me. Right? Mahi says yes mummy? Seem says people taunt us for your wedding already. If you take part in this contest people will taunt us even more. Everyone will know. Take your name back from this contest. Mahi is shocked. Shalu smirks.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi walks with crutches. He says see I am walking on my feet. I will be with you in Mrs. Abarsar competition. Mahi says bebe will be so happy to see you. Rupa sees them together and says they’re playing with fire.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2021
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