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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th June 2021 Seema says he can sing and make a lot of money. I want you to push him to become a singer. Rupa says his mom and dadi are alive to tell him what to do. Outsiders don’t need to give their suggestions. Mahi says mummy did you speak to papa or dadu? She says I just spoke to them. Jogi serves tea. Seema says how are you? Do you live fine here? Mahi says you taught me my hand have rajyog. A house that has a MIL like bebe and Biji and a loving husband that’s my reign. Seema says you’re right. Jogi sings so well. He can compete with Mika and Badshah. Push him to become a singer. Jogi is shocked. Mahi says he sings for special people only which is his family. And Jogi is a superstar in this house already. He doesn’t want to become a superstar in front of the world. Rest is God’s will. If she wants to make him famous, she will no matter what anyone does. Seema leaves.

Scene 2
Shalu says where is mummy? What if Rupa got angry and started hitting her and comes here again?> Chanda says chill, please. Renu says Mahi loves mummy. She won’t let anything wrong happen to mummy. Seema comes and says get me juice Shalu. Chanda says you will get it once you tell you did what you went for? Seema says I do whatever I intend. Chanda claps. Shalu hugs her.

Jogi serves the cows. He recalls what Seema said. He looks at Mika’s video and says you guys are so lucky you do whatever you want. People don’t direct what you do. They don’t even have to deliver milk. Mahi says you’re right. To become a star you work very hard. You don’t have anything to do with their swag. Pappu will get jealous but who cares. Like me, your passion will become your work too but why would you care. You stay happy in this house. Jogi says yes what’s there in money and fame? I am already happy. Mahi plays Badshah’s video. Jogi says this has 30 million views. Mahi says he will cross 40 million too Jogi sees the video.

Scene 3
Rupa says to Mahi what are you cooking? Jogi likes bhurta. You care about his choice or not? You’re just like your mom. Mahi says he likes eggplant no matter how it’s made. Rupa says don’t tell me what he likes. I brought him up you didn’t. Mahi says what are you saying? Rupa says I thought you get these things very well? You couldn’t do it on your own so you called your mom? I told you not to push him so you called your mom to do the same? You don’t care about how he feels. Mahi says trust me a bit? I didn’t ask mummy to come. But if you don’t knead the flour well, you can’t make rotis. You want to protect Jogi and nothing is wrong with that. But mummy wants to see Jogi rule, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Akash calls Mahi. Mahi says you want to keep Jogi safe but I want to see him fly. He won’t fall, even if he does I will handle him. Rupa says we have a small world and we are happy in it. Don’t try to change our world. Don’t try to expand it. I don’t know how will Jogi survive outside this? Akash keeps calling. Rupa says pick it. Mahi picks the call. He says didi, Jogi sings so well. You have to push him. He can become a star. Rupa hears. Mahi says I will speak to you later. Rupa says keep your family’s suggestions away from my home or go back there.

Scene 4
Mahi comes to Jogi. She’s upset. Jogi asks what happened? He holds Mahi. Mahi says I am okay. He says I can see the pain in your eyes. Mahi hugs him. Mahi says every day, I have to get embarrassed in front of bebe and Biji. I say proudly that you will come to deliver the milk but you don’t come. He says just that? From now on, I will do what you ask. From tomorrow, we will deliver the milk together. Mahi smiles.

The next morning, Biji is about to leave. Mahi comes. Biji says say it now Rupa. Rupa says calm down. Rupa says Mahi.. when there are 4 pans, they collide. Don’t mind what I said. I said it in anger. Mahi says it’s okay. Rupa says then 1 rupee of my bet. You will ride the bike today. Jogi comes. Rupa is shocked. He says I will ride the bike. Rupa smiles. Mahi and Jogi go to deliver the milk. Biji says I wish my son also got me a DIL like Mahi. I got you, fighting all the time. Mahi will change our world.

Mahi and Jogi enjoy lassi. He says I never knew you could challenge but you did. From now, after delivering we will come to drink lassi here every day and compete. Mahi says what if you lose? She says you will have to sing if you lose. It’s difficult to become a singer or star. We have to start from somewhere. Jogi says yes. Mahi says your friends books Jagratas in the temples. The world would see your talent. You don’t want to sing songs but you can sing bhajans. You sing them from the heart. He says you’re very clever. There are all the blessings in the temple. I will feel like I am singing for matarani. I will sing from my soul. Mahi says done them. Call him up. Jogi calls his friend and asks if there are any bookings for jagratas. He wants to sing bhajan. his friend says there’s one in two days. A lot of people are demanding your video after your video. Jogi says I will come now. Jogi says you see how many likes will I get? Mahi says you will become a big star. How will you manage the hosuechores? He says you are right. Mahi says give me his number, I will manage the bookings. He gives Mahi the number and they go back. Mahi is happy. She says in her heart, I will make you a superstar.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi sees Mahi’s video of cleaning Pappu’s house. says Mahi hid such a big thing from me and so did you? He leaves in anger. Jogi throws alcohol on Pappu. Pappu says what are you doing? Jogi says you’re more venomous than a snake. I won’t let you bite anyone again. He lights a matchstick. Pappu is scared.

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Telecast Date:25th June 2021
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