Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th March 2021 Rai Sahab comes to Mahi’s house to ask for her hand. Mahi tells him that the decision of his family will be her decision. She recalls the bad memories of the broken marriage. Rai Sahab asks the family to think about it one more time and leaves.

Mahi’s mother takes her inside and tells her calmly to stay at home like other girls. She says that society thinks that way, If a girl is blamed once she won’t ever be able to wash the stains off. She asks her to help her with her daily chores.  Yofi is seen going back to his home with a heavy heart. He recalls his promise to Mahi’s parents and what they said about his and Mahi’s friendship. He tries to defend Mahi’s family in front of Bebe and Biji but she tells him that he has lost his happiness because of Mahi.

He says that the problem is with him. There has been trouble since the day he entered this house, the only solution is that he goes away from here. Biji gets mad at him and tells him not to go anywhere. Bebe says that Yogi has always taken his decisions from the heart but seems like this is the first time he has used his brain to take this decision. She adds that it will be good for him to stay away from Mahi. She asks him to leave as soon as possible. Biji tells Rupa not to send him away. Rupa says that it for his betterment only.

Mahi’s father is seen calling people for money. He has lost all hopes. Mahi’s mother offers her jewelry but he says that this jewelry won’t get them much in return. The only way is to take a loan against the house and shop. Mahi’s sister says that there is still one way, what if we say yes to Rai Sahab for the marriage.

Pappu comes home with the offer to get Mahi married to Tillu. He says that Tillu will take care of his loan. Mahi’s father says that this time the decision will be that of Mahi. Pappu says what about Yogi, he loves Mahi and will not go anywhere. Pappu says that I am sure if Mahi will not be married to Tillu then this family will have to face dire consequences.

On other hand, Yogi is seen packing his stuff and preparing to leave. He talks to gilheri and asks her to keep him updated. He asks Biji and Bebe not to keep any grudges in their heart for Mahi. He says goodbye to all her cattles aswell. Bebe tries to talk some more with Yogi but he says that it’s time he leaves.

Paapu is about to call Tillu and confirm the relation when he is stopped by Mahi’s mother. She says that she will get Mahi married to Yogi only as nobody can love her more than him.  On the other hand, Mahi is seen at Rai Sahab’s house where she agrees to marry Arjun.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
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