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Jogi is sitting sadly in the lounge when someone kidnaps him. Jogi is taken somewhere. He turns around to see himself in a disco-like setting and two girls start dancing around him. Dilbar dilbar plays, Avnit comes there and dances like an item girl. She dances around Jogi while he looks on in shock. Mahi hears music playing in the stable. She comes there to see Avnit dancing in front of Jogi. She tries to go to her but the guards stop her. Jogi is mesmerized and keeps watching Avnit dancing.

Beeji tells Rupa that I don’t understand what is happening. Mahi comes there and asks Rupa to come with her. Mahi brings Rupa to the stable and shows her Avnit dancing closely with Jogi. Mahi says you won’t say anything now because it’s Avnit? Rupa goes to Avnit and slaps her hard. All look on. Rupa says how dare you do this cheap act with Jogi? Jogi says calm down babe. Rupa says enough, she asks Avnit if she has any shame left? Avnit says I am doing all this to help Jogi, I wanted him to feel the song.

Rupa says have you gone mad, you will cheap acts to make him feel? She is about to slap her again but Avnit holds her hand. Jogi asks Avnit to leave her hand. Avnit brings Rupa’s hand near a cutter. Mahi shouts at her to leave her hand. Avnit cuts her hand.. it all turns out to be Avnit’s dream. Rupa slaps Avnit and says you can’t do all this in my house. Avnit glares at her. Mahi grabs Avnit and says you can’t cross limits in this house. Avnit pushes her away and angrily leaves from there. Jogi looks on.

Scene 2
Avnit comes to her room and is angry. She recalls Rupa slapping her and is furious. She takes the knife and keeps moving it around her hand. She recalls her father’s words to not lose her senses in anger.

Rupa tells the family that no one will try to change Jogi now, we won’t try to force Jogi to become a super-star. Mahi says no one will force him but he will become a superstar by singing his own songs. He will sing from his heart. Beeji says Avnit crossed the limit. Jogi says but Rupa shouldn’t have slapped her in front of everyone, she takes us as a family, she has done so much for us but we always hurt her. Mahi says what babe did is correct. Jogi says Avnit is doing all this for our benefit, her way might be wrong but she wants our benefit. Jogi says I will go and look for her. Mahi says yes, that crazy might burn the house.

Jogi comes to Avnit’s room and looks around. He sees Arjun calling her and mistakenly answers it. Arjun says how are you feeling Avnit after trying to trap the horse? I told you Jogi can’t do all this but you trusted me and gave me 50 lacs for him, Jogi is a fool so stop wasting your time on him.

He doesn’t know your truth but once he does then.. Avnit comes there and is shocked to see him on the call. She runs and cuts the call before Jogi can hear more. Jogi glares at her. Avnit says it’s not like that. Jogi says you don’t need to say anything, you were fooling me? I will bring your truth out to everyone. Jogi drags Avnit to the family. All look on. Avnit says please listen to me. Jogi says Avnit is a liar and a cheat. I thought she was a friend but she is way more than that.. All look on.

Jogi says Arjun didn’t give me any money, Avnit gave him that money to give it to me. Avnit says it’s not a big deal. Mahi says why would she do that? Doesn’t she trust your talent? Jogi says she trust my talent that’s why she has done all this to make me successful. He says Avnit has done so much for me without even telling me. I would never know this. You have done a big favor on me.

Avnit says I have done all this for you. Jogi says you have fulfilled your duty as a friend but it’s my time now, I will write a song as that producer wants. Avnit says you don’t need to. Jogi says I am doing all this because of your trust, I will earn double the money you have invested in me. He says I know Avnit will take right decisions for me so she will take decisions for my career from now on. Mahi is shocked to hear that.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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