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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd September 2021 Avnit tells Chanda that Mahi has to leave this story so I can tell my Jogi that we are soulmates. I will make Jogi so successful that he won’t see anyone else but me. She tells Chanda to not compare herself with me, I am doing all this for true love which never loses. She leaves from there. Chanda says she can do anything but I will gain benefit from all that.

Avnit comes to Jogi’s room and sees him trying to write a song. She asks if she can help? Jogi says I don’t know what I want to write. Avnit says I will help you write lyrics. He asks her to not disturb him and pushes her out of the house. Chanda comes there and laughs at Avnit, she says he doesn’t give you any attention.

Renu tells Mahi that Jogi will be famous soon. Mahi says you look happy? Renu says I saw Jogi trusting you, Avnit has no chance with him. Mahi says Jogi is pressurized between Avnit and my fight. Renu says don’t worry. Mahi goes from there. Avnit comes there and shows a knife to Renu. Renu says I am not scared of people like you, if you know what I have done then you wouldn’t stand in front of me. I did mistakes but I will do anything to keep Mahi and Jogi together now, I can give my life for my Mahi and can also take a life.

Jogi is writing a song when Mahi comes there. Jogi smiles at her. Mahi is cleaning around the room while Jogi keeps staring at her. He holds her hand and smiles. Jogi starts singing for her. Mahi comes out of the room. Jogi comes behind her and sings for her. Renu smirks at Avnit. Jogi hugs Mahi and sings for her. All family members look on as Jogi lifts Mahi in his arms. Jogi tells Avnit that I have prepared the song so you can call that producer. Avnit says that’s great. Jogi says it’s all because of Mahi. She made me feel love that’s why I got inspired. Avnit says I will call Arjun.

The producer meets Jogi and looks at his song. All look on. Rupa asks if he likes the song? The producer says what is this joke? No one listens to these songs. Mahi says you are insulting an artist. It’s a love song. The producer says he can sing all these for you but it won’t sell. Avnit says I am his manager so tell me. The producer says we need an item song from him. Avnit says it will be done. Jogi looks on.

Arjun asks Avnit if it will be done? Avnit says Jogi will prepare an item song which will shock everyone. The producer leaves with Arjun. Mahi tells Jogi that it was a good song, don’t feel bad. Avnit says we are bound by a contract so you have to sing an item song. Jogi says I won’t, you can give money back to Arjun. Rupa asks him to think. Mahi says don’t worry Jogi, we will do as you say. Avnit tells Jogi that you can’t lose hope with one rejection. Jogi says I can’t write those songs, I can’t do it.

He leaves. Avnit tries to go behind him but Mahi stops her and says don’t pressurize Jogi, if he wants return Arjun’s money then we will do it. Rupa says Mahi is right. That man insulted my Jogi, you have hurt Jogi, I am miffed with you Avnit, you promised me to not hurt Jogi. My son is hurt because of you both again. She leaves from there. Mahi glares at Avnit.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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