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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd June 2021 Jogi says there’s no difference between you, your BIL, and your mom. You all care about money only. Mahi says what? He says I said what I had to. Jogi leaves.. Mahi stops him and says you can’t say that and leave. Do you know I crave money? He says yes I think so. You can’t see anything beyond money. Neither my happiness nor my family, my weakness, our relationship, or anything. I opened my heart to you. I was embarrassed. Yet I did. And you forgot it? I don’t die for money. Did you once try to ask what I want? What can I do for money and what I can’t? Your plan has views, likes, money, fame, where am I? Where is my happiness? Mahi says where are you? You will get all the fame and love? Who will become the star? You. It’s you everywhere. I am standing on one side. It’s all for you not for me. Did you forget who am I? Mahi, your friend, and your wife. How can I forget your weakness? I know I got overexcited. I want to take this gradually. So you can prepare but you were sleeping. You weren’t getting up.

He says what’s your problem with my sleep? Do you even like anything about me now? You want to change everything. I can’t change. you loved me as who I am. I am not software, I can’t be updated. I am a human. I have started feeling like you are trying to compete with Shalu and live like her. You are ashamed of being Mrs. Jogi from tabela. You want to make me something else so you can’t live in glitters and like like Shalu. So you can tell the world you are the wife of a singer and star. Shalu only cares about money but you want fame too. You want to tell the world that I made him a big man. I changed him and made him a star. Whatever he is, it’s because of me. Mahi says being greedy for wealth is wrong but hating money so much is also wrong. Yes, money spoils your mind but when you’re in need you need money. He says wow, so you really need money now? Do you think I am a gold-making hen? So you can sell me and earn? Mahi says I only wanted to show your talent to the world. Is it a sin? He says it isn’t. Let me give you another shortcut. Make all videos at once and you will get a lot of likes, views, and money. You will be very happy. Let’s do it. Mahi is shocked. Jogi leaves. Mahi says I was doing all of this for you. I didn’t expect this from you.

Scene 2
Jogi sits playing games on his phone in anger. Rupa says you did right by being mad at Mahi. How dare she think my Jogi will sing and become a big man and make money? Who needs money? Jogi says exactly. We have everything. A house, peace, happiness, food and you make dessert. We are happy. Who needs extra money? Rupa says yeah you said right. She says how do you make happiness vegetable? I can’t make it. I think there must be fewer spices or salt. But no.. I know what’s left less, money. Jogi is shocked. Rupa says people have festivals and we only have survival. And what home are you talking about? Do you see how it is? The condition. A house has walls and a roof. See this cracked wall. It will fall anytime. And what do you need to fix it? The same thing you hate the most? Money. Look at the gate. People shut their gates so robbers can’t come in but we can’t even lock it because you need money to fix the lock. Only money can fix all this.

Mahi comes. Come let me show you more.. Look at these cows. You love them right? Look at their shade.. It will fall anytime. We keep tying it but any winds can blow it any day. Do you know what do you need to fix it? Money. Mahi says Jogi didn’t know all this bebe. Jogi looks at her. If he knew he would fix it. He isn’t that careless. Rupa says he can’t see with his eyes if we can? But his eyes are always closed. He’s always sleeping. Biji it’s not your fault. It’s our fault. We never let him mature up. Never let any trouble come to him. He says it’s about time, grow up. You’re married now. At least listen to Mahi when she tells you to earn through a way. Mahi says it’s not like he doesn’t listen. I got overexcited. Biji says don’t repeat my mistake. I spent all my life trying to cover his mistakes. This is the consequence of that. Don’t do that. She leaves. Biji says you’re useless. Rupa says I wish Mahi was my daughter. Jogi says she’s your daughter. Rupa says don’t do this drama with me. It’s my order, grow up now. Mahi is your responsibility. He says what world are you living in? I am modern. If the wife can be independent, there’s no problem. I handle the house, she works. You don’t get it. He leaves.

Scene 3
Shalu gives shake to Renu. She says to add more nuts to it. Shalu says making me work in my own house. Shalu says I didn’t know Jogi sings so well. Renu says he actually has a good voice. It makes you forget your tensions like the stress of earning money, makeup tensions. We have made life complicated. It’s very easy otehrwise. Now I know why Mahi loves Jogi. Shalu says are you changing the team? She says it depends if Jogi would become a star or not. Shalu says what? She says I am a leech. Girls lives settle after they get married but after marrying Deepak my life is totally unsettled. I can’t leave him either so I look for people who can do things for us that Deepak can’t. To make our life. I thought Pappu or Chanda would, but they only care about themselves. Thank God Jogi wasn’t shot. How would he make our lives. Until Jogi gets famous, let me fool Chanda. Shalu says what would that do? She says you’re so innocent.

Scene 4
Mahi cooks. Jogi says sorry yaar. I made a mistake, forgive me please. Mahi is silent. He says it happens. I am sorry. I am sorry. He burns his hand a bit.. Mahi holds his hand. Jogi says I am an innocent kid.. Mahi says yeah never grow up. He says keep taunting. Even slap me, but don’t be mad. It’s my mistake. I don’t get wise things. Mahi is super wise. It took time. Mahi says so you would shout if you don’t get it? He says that’s how bulls are. You call me bull brain. When I say things, they are from the heart. I say things in anger but they are never from heart. I love you. Mahi says so all that you said about me was right? He says it was rubbish. He says I love you so much do you know why? Because you’re beautiful? no. Wise? no. I mean yes you are that too but I respect you the most. Mahi smiles. She kisses his forehead. He says so we are done. Order me what to do? Sing dance? She says just sing. I will handle everything else. How to record or how to upload. He says okay sure but I am not sure if I would be able to sing my own song. He’s scared. Jogi says I can sing any film’s song. Your support would be with me. Mahi says sing any song. I know you will make it magical too. Let me prepare and you come to sing once you’re ready. Jogi is confused.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi looks for Jogi everywhere. He is at the lake.. He recalls what Mahi said. He recalls people bullying him. Jogi climbs the bridge to jump.

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2021
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