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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st February 2021 Mahi stops Jogi. She says stop it. He will die. He’s my sister’s husband. Jogi is shocked. She says he’s my BIL. Jogi says this man is your BIL? Jogi says I would kill you if you stayed for one more second. Jogi says shut up. Pappu says no one can mess with me. I am a snake. Jogi leaves. Pappu breaks things in anger. He says I won’t leave him.

Shalu says to Rupa was your dirt not enough that you called your son as well? Rupa says my son isn’t dirt. Biji says your pappu sent goons. Shalu says our neighborhood is beautiful and your stable makes it dirty. Biji says your Pappu is a demon. Rupa says Seema, we stopped Pappu because of you and Mahi. Mahi saved your SIL. Pappy hears it. Rupa says next time he does something we won’t stop. They leave.

Mahi comes to Jogi’s place. He says stop right there. This house is my biji, my mother and mine. Your BIL tried to break it. She says don’t get so angry. He says I can’t calculate anger or love. The one who can’t respect women of other people’s house he can’t respect women in his own house. You got your sister married to this demon? She says if anything happens to my sister I won’t leave you. HE says if anything happens to Babe, biji and Ladu, I will not leave you both. She says do you even know why I came here? He says to show off like your BIL. She says I came to say what jeju did was wrong but no one can talk to you. He says yeah no one can talk to you either. He says you, black-hearted people. Seema says Mahi let’s go from this stinky place.

Scene 2
Pappu says I would leave these scars on his neck. His friend says be grateful someone saved you. He says Mahi saved me. His friend says who? He says Mahi. The friend says here is your chance. He gives Pappu a card of Priya’s wedding. Pappu says she’s Mahi’s friend. The man says the groom is Jogi’s BF. Pappu says this is my chance.

Scene 3
Jogi recalls what happened.
Mahi says why are we at the market? She says to get gifts for Pappu. She says yeah I will give money too so you can return all that he gave. Seema says we shouldn’t forget that Pappu is a lot more than worth than us and still married Shalu. She says worth is calculated in money. A bike drives past them. Mahi says are you, okay mummy? She says I am hungry. Mahi says you wanna eat cholay kulchay? They enjoy it. Pappu’s man is keeping an eye on them.

Pappu says you saved my life mahi. I will thank as well. Time for that Jogi. Ladu says to Jogi it’s your friend’s wedding. Rupa says yes don’t stay angry. Forget what happened. He says I don’t care about Pappu, I am mad Mahi is his SIL. Biji says oho that’s the problem. Mahi isn’t like Pappu. You should go to the wedding. Mahi is friends with the bride.

Mahi meets her friend Priya. She says I looked for you everywhere. Mahi says my mom is always at street food. Priya says then you have to come to my wedding. Priya says we have to go and get the dress. Mahi says so you need someone to pick stuff. She says I am your friend. Mahi says I will come. Priya says but you will have to take off from work. Mahi says I would pay you from the fare, if I don’t earn I won’t give you gift. They laugh. The man makes their video.

Scene 3
Biji says to Jogi get ready in a suit. He says we will all get new clothes. Ladu says I don’t have time. You fight, I stop you from fighting. I handle a kid. Rupa laughs. Biji picks her. Pappu comes there. They are shocked. Rupa stops Jogi. Pappu says my sister, my mom, my brother, are you still angry? Anger is Punjabi people’s nature. But it makes you forget all good things. Our families always stood with each other, celebrated functions, and enjoyed. The goons who came yesterday, I didn’t send them. The neighbors came to me and asked me to talk to you. But they held my feet. Like that, I was helpless. So I sent those men to talk. I don’t know who started the fight. They will all go to jail. He gives his shoe to Biji and says you can hit me. She actually picks the shoe.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pappu says this wedding will start your bad day Mahi. Mahi trips.. Jogi holds her. She says thank you. He says you are not welcome Pappu’s SIL. Pappu falls on Mahi. Pappu’s man says Mahi will be on her knees. He takes Mahi to a side.

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Telecast Date:1st February 2021
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