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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st April 2021 episode begins with Mahi’s mother telling her that his brother will make her wear the Chuda. Chanda watches it all, smirks, and moves away. Mahi is asked to open her eyes and have prasad. The doorbell rings, a lady comes to deliver kallire. Its Yogi and he is wondering how he will talk to Mahi between all this chaos. While everyone is dancing and enjoying themselves Mahi recalls the conversation between Arjun and Chanda. This upsets her and she goes to her room. Yogi thinks that it is the right time to talk to her.

Pappu tells Chanda that the goods have reached home. He asks her to prepare for her marriage. On the other hand, Mahi prays to Mata Rani for the happiness of her family. Yogi enters her room and she asks who are you. Yogi removes the veil, Mahi is surprised to see him. She is about to hug him but recalls her last conversation with him. She takes a step back and says that why can’t you leave me alone. He says that he also has a say in her life as she is his friend also. He says that there must be an easier way than to sacrifice her life. He shows her the documents of his farm and asks her to sell them to pay off the debts of her family. Kaun mera Kya tu lage plays in the background while Yogi tells her that he cannot see her ruin her life like this. She takes the documents from his hands.

Pappu who has seen Yogi talking to Mahi talks to her mother and says that they should all say thank you to her for removing all the debts and problems from their head. He insists that they should all thank her as she will be gone. They all go to thank Mahi.

Mahi tears the documents of her farm and says that she needs no outsider to help her. Their friendship ended the day they decided to part ways.  Mahi’s family comes inside the room and sees Yogi inside her room. Pappu instigates everyone and asks Mahi’s mother to inquire what all is happening. She asks Yogi when he will understand that he needs to stay away from Mahi. She says that she has seen and had enough, she grabs him by color. Mahi stops her mother and says that he came to say goodbye. Pappu says that he could have come like others. His disguise suggests something fishy. Pappu warns Yogi that she is getting married willingly. Yogi says no, she is not. He is about to say the truth when Mahi stops him and asks him to leave. Her father also asks him to leave quietly. He is thrown out of the house while Mahi shuts herself in the room and cries. She says that Yogi’s friendship has always given her strength and courage but her friendship with him is not good for her own good. She says that its better for him if he leaves her.

Yogi reaches home and tells Bij that he has tried Sam and Dam, it’s now time for Dand.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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