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Jogi tells Mahi that I have never given an interview, what will I say? Mahi says don’t worry, I will get you prepared, I am your manager now. Avnit glares at her and leaves from there. Jogi hugs Mahi and smiles.

In the morning, Avnit is preparing to invite media. Rupa says I am worried, I am with you but Jogi’s heart shouldn’t break on this path. Avnit says I will always stand with Jogi and be his strength till my death. Mahi comes there and says you are just his friend and not his wife. I know you are close to Jogi but soon you will get married and have your own family so you will grow apart from Jogi.

Husband and wife have togetherness till death. She tells Rupa that you might not trust me but I am going to protect Jogi fully. Jogi has his wife now so he doesn’t need any friends. Rupa says shut up, my son was hurt because of you both fighting. Avnit says I won’t hurt Jogi, I can cancel the press meeting. Rupa says no, you are doing what any good daughter-in-law would do. You brought so much money into Jogi’s life but it can blind people. We were fooled earlier also by money dreams so I don’t want Jogi to be hurt again. She glares at Mahi. Avnit says I won’t let Jogi get hurt again. Rupa says let’s get ready then.

Beeji tells Rupa that we will have so much as my grandson has become a star. Mahi tells Avnit that I have to get ready also. Avnit says what happened to you? You are playing tricks with your husband now? Mahi says you can never understand my love for Jogi. I have to clean Jogi’s mind that you have filled with filth. I am going to be with Jogi all the time now so he doesn’t need a friend like you anymore. She leaves. Avnit says Mahi can never take my place in Jogi’s life. She can never win over me.

Mahi comes to Renu and Seema. Renu says Avnit is taking more place in Jogi’s life. Mahi says whatever is happening is working in Jogi’s favor but I won’t let her hurt Jogi. Just ready for the press brief. Seema looks on.

Jogi is getting ready and is tensed. Mahi asks what happened? Jogi says I don’t feel right. Mahi kisses his forehead and smiles. She asks if it’s fine now? Jogi smiles and hugs her. He says when you are with me then everything is fine for me. Mahi smiles. Jogi looks away and says when I was alone yesterday, I felt worst without you. Mahi says you thought that I would leave you? Never. Jogi says I am always scared, I married you because of a compromise and you didn’t even know that.

You didn’t accept me for a long time but then everything became fine between us. I am still scared that you don’t like me, maybe I am not what you deserve, you deserve better. Mahi says I trust you more than myself, you are the best person in the world so I deserve you, you have a golden heart that’s why I love you a lot. I never want to lose you. Jogi smiles and says you are my strength, your love is my power. When you are with me then I can win over anything in the world. Let’s fulfill our dream now. Beeji comes there and says come out. The press is here. Jogi says let’s go Mrs. Jogi/Mrs. Manager. He holds her and says let’s go together.

Jogi and Mahi arrive at the press conference hand-in-hand. Avnit glares at Mahi. Mahi and Jogi sit at the stage. Avnit sits beside them. The media praises Jogi’s singing. They ask Mahi. Mahi says I always knew he had a magical voice. The reporter says you are promoting him so much that you got a contract from your ex for him. Mahi says what are you saying? The reporter says we heard you had an affair with Arjun Rai even after marrying Jogi. You must have had an affair with him till now that’s why he signed your husband?

Jogi tells Mahi to not answer them. Jogi asks the media to stop saying all this. The reporter asks what compromise he had to make with Arjun to get this deal? Did he offer him to share his wife? Jogi says stop all this rubbish. Avnit smirks. Mahi says we came here to talk about Jogi singing. The reporter says you both have a spicy life, we should ask Mahi what she had to do to get this deal. Jogi gets angry and starts beating the reporter. Avnit stops him. The media says we will write trash about him now.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun gives money to the reporter but Mahi makes the video of it. She grabs the reporter and says you have to tell the truth to Jogi. The reporter tells Jogi that Arjun gave me money to create that scene in the press conference. Jogi is shocked.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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