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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 17th February 2021 goons are hitting Jogi. Mahi comes there. She hits the goons with a stick. Mahi brings Jogi down. Mahi says are you okay? I am so sorry. Jogi hits the goons more. Mahi says let’s go before they start hitting you more and call their men. They leave. Mahi says what were you doing? He says here are you imlis. You said you won’t forgive me until I get you these. The song ishaqzade plays. Mahi and Jogi hold hands and run. They get in the car. Jogi says to start the car. Mahi drives fast.

Scene 2
Pappu comes outside the house. He says what is Rai doing here? Shalu calls him. He says get any inverters. Some police officers come to Pappu. They Pappu says if you say such things how will he get married? Inspector says girl should be killed instead of marrying him. He says people change after marriage. Inspector says he can never change. Pappu says he will. He gets him out.

Mahi’s car stops. She comes out to check it. She recalls when Pappu came to help her. Mahi says come and help me. He says you’re independent. Mahi says you’re weird but you have a pure heart. And it’s fun with people who have a pure heart. He says you came there to save my life. This is called true friendship. I am lucky. He says Mahi ji, does this setting remind you of something? this is how you met me for the first time. She says yes a smart girl and a stupid guy. He says you have a talent of insulting people. She says can’t I pull you leg being your friend? He says you can pull whatever you want. But first time you didn’t take any help why are you taking it now? SHe says because we are friends now. She says hello ji, I am Mahi. Will you become my friend? He shakes her hand. Mahi says this is a lifelong commitment. He says I can shatter but won’t let this friendship crack. Mahi washes their hands with water. She says let’s go. I will take only 50% fare today. He says no no why. Mahi says you worked very hard today. I will give you half imli.

Pappu says I found small Pappu for MAhi. He says girls like Mahi deserve this. They should be controlled. He says I will keep her tied like a cow. I have done worse to such girls. Pappu says you make me proud. I found the best guy for Mahi. He says I will be your slave for my life. Pappu says let’s prepare. You’re my slave and Mahi yours.

Scene 3
Jogi comes home. Lado says give me imli. He says no this is my friendship’s first gift. LAdo says did she forgive? He says she became my friend. Dadi says it’s velentine’s day. Tell her you love her. Rupa says stop provoking him. This will ruin everything. she asks Pappu to throw away the imli. He says no, it’s too late. It’s in my her, her love. No one can take it away from me. I will tell her I love you MAhi.

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Telecast Date:17th February 2021
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