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Jogi comes in. Mahi says I was coming to you. He ignores her and asks Avnit if she saw his phone? Avnit says yes you forgot it. Rupa says you take so much care of him. Mahi says she would. You have considered her your daughter. Avnit.. if you take care of family so much take care of mata rani too.

Make sure the candle doesn’t blow. Rupa says you want her help? Mahi says I want her to be part of the pooja. You would like it right? Rupa says Avnit take care of it. Rupa leaves. Mahi says missed your game? Avnit says I don’t get it. Mahi says you stole his phone and texted me. You fixed his meeting for the same. Avnit said to Jogi you have a meeting with a producer. Arjun will pick you. She picked his phone.

Mahi says then you texted me so I leave the temple and you blow the candle. So bebe gets mad at me and you get all the responsibility. Avnit says you have become smart living with me. Mahi says I feel bad for you. You planned so much but failed. Jogi is my husband and Matarani is with me. Now take care of the candle.

Avnit puts her hand on the candle and says you know how pure my love for Jogi is. It’s honest and loyal. You have to let me fight and win this war of love. Don’t you get my condition? I want my love. Your visarjan (exit) will be Mahi’s visarjan too. I promise that.

Scene 2
Rupa asks Mahi what are you making? Mahi tells her everything she’s making. Arjun comes nad says it’s director’s birthday. So much drama happened. We should gift this to him from Jogi’s name. Please keep it somewhere. He says Mahi.. Mahi takes it but he drops. It falls. Rupa says what is this? Champagne? How dare you?

In Navratri. Arjun says I.. Avnit says it’s his birthday. we thought we should give him something expensive. It’s not a big deal. Mahi says it’s a big deal for us. Bebe threw all Pappu’s alcohol outside the house. We have rules. Avnit says Arjun didn’t know about it. Mahi says Arjun knows very well. Stil he did this shameful thing. Avnit says it’s not such a big deal. Mahi says it.

Jogi says she doesn’t makea fuss out of everything like you. Mahi says it might not be a big deal for you and her but for me it’s matarani’s insult. Jogi says she didn’t do it intentionally. It was a gift. There are such gifts in this industry. Mahi says so for your work you will forget your faith? He says only you have faith? What about me? Biji says Mahi is right and she was right in the morning too. Jogi says it was no intentional. Don’t make a fuss. Rupa says is this how you will talk to Biji? Jogi says okay I made a mistake. Arjun give him something else and cancel this meeting.

Avnit says let me get this cleaned. Biji says yes you should clean your dirt yourself. Mahi once she cleans, put ganga jal here. She leaves in anger.

Scene 3
Avnit takes care of the candle. She says stay with me and help me kick Mahi out of Jogi’s life. Biji says Mahi did you eat anything? You have to fast. Mahi says it’s okay. Biji says let me get you something to eat. Drink this coconut water. Rupa says let’s go. Mahi says where are you both going? Biji says to someone’s place for a pooja. Mahi sees them off. Avnit mixes something in Mahi’s coconut water. Mahi comes back and drinks it.

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Telecast Date:15th October 2021
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