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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th June 2021 Mahi sees the video. She’s shocked. Shalu says I didn’t shoot, I only picked the gun. I was angry my marriage was breaking because of you. But I didn’t shoot. Trust me, I swear on Pappu. Mai says then who shot if you didn’t? Renu di. Renu says yes I shot. Mahi falls back in shock. Jogi holds her. Mahi says my own sister tried to kill? My sister started hating me so much that they decided to kill me?

Even if Renu shot, you also picked the gun. What have I done that you both hated me so much? Mahi cries. Mahi says you forgot our childhood? Our memories? And if you had courage shoot me in the chest, not in the back. You’re a coward. Do you have any shame? Brothers can become enemies but not sisters. What was my mistake? Even enemies don’t take lives so easily but you decided to kill me? What was my mistake? Tell me. Renu and Shalu cry. Mahi says sister is such a precious relationship. You ashamed it. If this is how sisters are, I don’t want any.

Mahi falls, Jogi holds her. Jogi says you don’t take stress, you are not okay. And don’t worry about them. I will get them punished. Let me call the police. Mahi says I want an answer first. Why did you do this? Why did you shoot me? Why so much hate? You could slap me. Jogi says I will kill them right now. Mahi says no. They might not respect this relation and might hate me but I can’t hate them. Jogi says what are you saying? She shot you. Mahi says then what would be the difference between them and us. You and Pappu. They used to hit me in childhood I would forgive then too and would today too. Today they shot, I will forgive them. They can kill me, but I won’t hand them over to the police. My mind accepted that you shot, but my heart is still saying you can’t do this. I know someone asked you. Who? Pappu or Chanda?

Chanda says we gave you the proofs. Mahi says because even if you do good, your intention is always wrong. You siblings are responsible for all the bad things in my life. Chanda says what are you saying? Mahi says whenever there was a problem in my life, Pappu was always there. When Gulshan came, when Arjun was getting married to, you were behind that video, and Dillu, you wanted me to marry him and he harassed me. this can’t be a coincidence. You are behind everything. Chanda says it’s your fault if you want to live in a misunderstanding it’s your fault, not ours.

Renu says this isn’t a misunderstanding. Chanda pressurized me to shoot Jogi. She asked me to shoot him but you came in between. I never wanted to shoot you. Chanda laughs and says you are a kif right? I asked you to shoot and you did? And Jogi who are you not calling the police? They will find out who is behind all this. Pappu says people call me manipulative, but Renu is the real master. She shot and is blaming Chanda now. Mahi says enough. I know you both are behind all this. Jogi says I will kill that person. Mahi says no I will punish everyone. Mahi says to Renu from today you are nothing to me. I don’t love you anymore. Jogi says this is nothing for these people. Mahi says leave it Jogi. We will forget them and start a new life. Jogi takes her from there.

Scene 2
Jogi is angry. Chanda shoves Renu and says get out of my house. How dare you blame me in front of Mahi? Shalu comes there. Pappu says to Shalu should I also kick you out with your sister? She says no. He says then go to your room. Renu looks back at Chanda. Chanda says lower your gaze. Renu slaps her.

Scene 3
Jogi is angry. Mahi says please listen once.. He leaves her hand. She falls. Jogi holds her and says I am sorry. Are you okay? Your wounds are still not healed. Why do you want to be great? Mahi says you are great. Not me. You kept loving me even when I didn’t return. When I was in trouble, you saved me by marrying me. You are a true lover. He says Renu shot you. It’s not a small thing. Mahi says I know. He says I was more in pain than you. My life was stuck. She’s my culprit too. I will send her to jail. Mahi says think about mummy papa. People will start talking again if she goes to jail. Mummy papa won’t e able to tolerate that. He says think about yourself too once??

Mahi says I have you to think about me. I want to make new memories with you and start a new chapter of Jogi Mahi. He says you are so clever. You know I am a poor guy who’s romantic. You know I will fall for your cute words. Mahi says you are full of love then why being bitter? Forget it all for me, please. He says no. Mahi says please. She is about to slap him jokingly. Jogi says what kind of wife do I have. Mahi kisses him and smiles. Mahi says forgiving and being loving makes you a bigger person. Jogi comes close to kiss her. Mahi shoves him and says calm down. And my head hurts. He says you are such a drama. Wasn’t your head hurting when you came barging there? He says bebe.. Mahi looks there. Jogi kisses her cheek. Mahi laughs.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi picks Mahi. Mahi says this room looks so magical, it looks like a movie set up. He says it’s a special moment and my wife is the most special for me. She says, am I? She says the most special, beautiful, and hot. Jogi comes close to Mahi.

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Telecast Date:14th June 2021
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