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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th July 2021 Mahi says all moms think good news only means this. Now go for your audition. He says won’t you wish me? She says no because your lady luck is going with you. Arjun calls Chanda and says come and let’s plan it against Jogi. No one can guide them better than you. Mahi says to Jogi we have to fill this form. He says there must be big singers here but I can’t be scared. He says let me get a bit fresh. Jogi sits in the car. Mahi fills his form. Jogi sits in the car. He’s nervous. He imagines being home and sleeping and viewing likes on his videos. Mahi imagines reading news about Jogi being a superstar. Mahi gets her first Mc21 booking but she looks at Jogi. Mahi says I can’t go today. His audition is more important I should cancel the booking. Jogi says no. He says you think I am a kid and I will choke. She says it’s your important audition. I want to be with you. He says your Mc21 has first booking too. Don’t worry you’re always there in my heart. Let me go in. I will do my best. No one can nervous me. Mahi says okay. She says please give your best. She hugs him and leaves.

Scene 2
Seema cries. Pappu asks what happened? She says I found these empty bags. He says don’t worry you will get the money. He picks a cheque book. Seema didn’t notice. Pappu calls the bank and says my MIL wants me to handle her account that’s joint with Mahi. He gives his details.

Scene 3
Jogi comes in. He says I have to do this for Mahi.

Chanda comes to Arjun. He says come my cat. Chanda says what’s the plan? He says Jogi will wait for the whole day and his turn won’t come. Chanda says no. I have a better idea. Call the producer. Arjun calls them. Auditions have started. Chanda calls the judge and says there will be one contestant named Jogi Arora. Insult him so much that he can’t utter a word let alone singing. Make him shiver. Shatter his confidence. He says will do anything for Arjun. Arjun says well done. I want to see the live session. Chanda says now see how his confidence shatters and it affects their relationship.

Jogi comes on the stage. The judge asks his name. He live telecasts it to Arjun. Jogi starts singing. The judge says you have no notes. Jogi says what are notes? The judge says you don’t even know that? Don’t waste your time. The other judge says play nagin dance. She says sing whatever you want. Jogi starts.. The judge says you’re here to sing not cry. He says I was starting with raag Jogi starts again. He’s confused and sweating. Jogi recalls his moments with his family. Jogi starts. The judge says you must a driver and came here by mistake. They laugh at him. Jogi says I sing. I just need one chance. Jogi sings. The judge says stop. You’re no sur. He says I sing with faith. It comes out of my soul. The female judge says so you are a moody singer? The judge asks who’s your teacher? He says no one. They laugh. Jogi says I sing from my heart. The judge says we were looking for singers who sing from their vocals.

Mahi says after completing this trip I will go to Jogi, I hope it’s going well. The judge says do you do riyaz? Jogi says no. He says sorry I took look to realize what kind of singer you’re. He brings a shower and says you are a bathroom singer. Jogi feels insutled. They all laugh at him. Chanda and Arjun laugh. The judge says are you done ustaad Jogi? He says I sing well sir. Mahi, bebe biji think I am the best singer. Mahi has posted my videos, I get many likes. He says 2 likes don’t make you a singer. You are a fake singer. Jogi says no sir. The female singer says shut up and respect this platform. The judge says they sing at home and think they’re superstars. The female judge says you’re a fraud. Jogi says you’re wrong. The judge says you have to work hard and learn a lot to be a singer. You were never a singer and you will never be. You can only sing in your bathroom. Jogi cries.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi breaks things in anger and says I can’t think. This isn’t my destination or way. I can’t sing. He locks himself. Mahi says Jogi please listen. Rupa asks what happened at the audition?

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Telecast Date:13th July 2021
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