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Rupa says Jogi can’t drink. Mahi ruined the day for him and he had to tolerate so much. Biji says stop blaming. The director did such a digusting thing. Any girl should have slapped him. And see how Jogi is talking. Rupa says he’s drunk.. Biji says why? Avnit has done all this. Rupa says Avnit handled the director and Jogi’s dream. After what Mahi did his dream was shattering. Biji says their relationship is shattering. I hope Mahi saves it.

Scene 2
Mahi says Jogi is an idiot. I know he loves me. I will take one step and he will take two. Our problems will resolve. Jogi comes in. Mahi says I am glad you came.. He says I am alreayd tired. Don’t start another fight. She says we are not fighting. Husband and wife can have small spats. He says you are wife and wives are always right. I can’t even ask you to leave the room so I should leave. Jogi takes his pillow and leaves. Mahi says I don’t know how this one step became distance of miles between us. Jogi and Mahi can never part. I will reduce this distance.

Scene 3
Rupa and Biji prepare for navrati. They see Jogi sleeping on sofa. Rupa says Jogi is sleeping here while Mahi sleeps in bed? Biji says he’s fine and stop blaming Mahi for everything. Try to resolve issues between them. Mahi is in the temple. She prepares for arti. Biji says Jogi get up and get ready.

Your wife is doing her first navratri pooja after the wedding. Biji says you decorated the whole temple? Mahi says this day is special. Last navratri Jogi and I met for the first time. Let’s start the pooja. Rupa says we got this house because of Avnit so it’s her right to do pooja. Biji says Mahi is the DIL of this house, the laxmi of this house. you can’t take her right. Mahi says this is my right bebe. I won’t give my right to anyone.

Biji says Jogi say something. Jogi says if I take mom’s side wife would be upset and vice versa. You are elder. You decide. Biji says okay then let Avnit do the pooja. But if she does, I will leave this house. Mahi says Biji.. Rupa says what are you saying Biji? Avnit says it’s okay Rupa aunty. Who cares who does pooja. It should be done. Mahi is the DIL of this house and Jogi’s wife. I am just a guest. It’s her right. Biji says I am glad you know your place. Do the the pooja Mahi.

Biji says Jogi sit with Mahi and do the pooja. Jogi sits with Mahi. They do the pooja together. Avnit is angry. Mahi says I hope I get my old Jogi back. My old love. Mahi gives Jogi arti. She gives Rupa, Biji and Avnit the arti. AVnit says in heart I had to do this pooja with Jogi but soon I will gt all my rights.

Arjun and Chanda come in playing a drama. Jogi says what is this drama? He says first step towards your success. Jogi opens the huge pack. It’s Jogi’s poster with Avnit. Mahi is shcoked. Arjun says this is momento of your first super hit music video. Do you like it? Jogi says it’s nice. Mahi feels upset. Arjun says where should we place it? Avnit says it’s a good picture. Where would we place it? In Jogi bedroom? Jogi looks at Mahi.


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jogi says because of Pappu, they faced lots of difficult time. He was about to burn his picture, but Mahi catches the matchstick on last moment.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
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