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Teri Laadli Mein 8th January 2021 Surendra and his mother/Amma walk to Urmila’s room while she is asleep and pick her baby. On the other side, lady who helped Urmila reminisces Amma telling that her granddaughter is born dumb. She looks at her her hands. Her husband’s friend asks what is she looking at. She says she held a dumb baby today. He asks why she hates physically challenged people. She says there is a reason behind it. She sees broken statue and scolding her servant throws it away angrily. She then calms down and apologizing him says she doesn’t hate physically disabled people, but cannot tolerate them. Surendra and amma smirk looking at baby girl. Urmila wakes up seeing that bad dream calling her baby girl Bitti and picks her seeing her and thanks god that it was just a dream. She tells Bitti that her papa is not that bad as he looks as villagers have brainwashed him to have only boys, but when Bitti does something and feels him proud, he will proudly tell that Bitti is daughter. She takes tea for Surendra. Surendra yelling at someone over phone takes tea and sips it silently. She says why he said that Bitti will not see tomorrow’s sun, if he told that in anger. He says he not in anger, but in conscience, he is selling her daughter to a rich childless couple and is getting money in return. She drops saucer in shock and asks how can he do that. He threatens her to shut up and says his decision will not change with her tears and he will free his family from this problem.

After sometime, Surendra and Amma eagerly wait for rich couple while Urmila pampers Bitti. Surendra sees them coming and informs amma. Amma says finally they will get rid off inauspicious baby. Urmila asks why is she saying like that as Bitti is also this house’s daughter like Gowri. Surendra yell at her to shut up. His friend greets in rich couple and introduces Amma and Surendra to them. Urmila emotionally tells Bitti that she is ill fated to be born to her and has to bear the problems whole life, so better she part ways from her and goes to a good family. She says her Devaki amma couldn’t accept her, but she will pray Bholenath that her Yashoda maiya fill her life with happily. She continues pouring her heart out.

Amma makes rich couple sit and asks what they would like to have. They say they need only their daughter. Surendra calls Urmila to bring their daughter. Urmila stands silently. Lady asks if there is any problem. Amma says they are poor and cannot take care of baby like them, but mother’s heart gets emotional. She takes baby from Urmila and gives her to rich couple. Rich man seeing Urmila crying says if she has any problem, they don’t need this baby. Surendra says there is no problem and showing them legal documents gets Urmila’s thumb impression on them and giving it to rich couple asks money. Rich man gives him money and asks to count. Surendra says he trusts them. Rich couple walk away with Bitti while Urmila sits crying. Surendra says they got a shower of money today. Rich lady sees Bitti crying without sound and informs her husband. They both return to Surendra ask why baby looks dumb. Surendra and his friend stand silently. Couple say they lied and were trying to force their dumb baby on them. Amma says children are god’s gift and though baby has a defect, she is so pretty. Lady says if she loves baby so much, then she should keep it. Urmila takes baby. Surendra orders her to return baby. Rich man says he needs his money back. Surendra and Amma say once money is gone never returns. Lady says what will they do with a baby who cannot even call them mummy papa. Urmila asks how can she speak so ruthlessly. Man warns Sunil to return his money as he fixed this deal or he will go to police. Surendra says they will be in jail instead for buying baby illegally. Couple walk away yelling.

Surendra says because of this baby, he lost his job and peace of mind, so he will throw baby in river He snatches baby and walks towards river. Ashok seeing them stops Surendra, but Surendra shouts he will end this baby today. Ashok requests Urmila to come and stay in his house with her baby. Urmila thanks him for thinking about her, but not to bother about her. Ashok says Surendra will kill her and baby. Surendra pushes him away. Urmila warns Surendra that he has to kill her first before killing the baby. He asks her to jump into river then.


Teri Laadli Mein 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Surendra tells Urmila that if she needs baby, she needs to take oath to take care of baby alone without even his name associated with the baby.

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Telecast Date:8th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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