Teri Laadli Mein 8th February 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Laadli Mein 8th February 2021 Sakshi cuts her wrist thinking she has to bear a bit of pain to convince Akshat to marry her. Pratap warns Supriya not to dare touch Sakshi again as he cannot see his daughter in pain. ]Vaishali knocks Sakshi’s room door. Sakshi opens door. Vaishali panics seeing her wrist cut and calls whole family. Whole family rushes in and get worried. Akshat bandages Sakshi’s cut saying why she cut her wrist for a small issue, he just asked to delay the wedding but not cancel it. Vaishali says she will do whatever Sakshi wants and not to take Akshat’s words seriously. Akshat says yes and warns Sakshi to dare not think of harming herself again. Sakshi smirks. On the other side, Bitti smiles reminiscing Akshat’s words and him tying his kerchief around her injured hand and offering her rose. She completes Akshat’s sketch and smiles looking at it. She then takes food for Gauri and tries to feet her. Gauri denies. Gopal asks not to insult food. Gauri says she doesn’t want to have anything. Gopal continues requesting, but she denies. Bitti signals him to go. He keeps food on table and asks her to have it whenever she feels like.

Richa stops her car seeing an artist’s painting and offers him money to buy painting. Painter says she is paying him huge amount as his painting is not that much. She says she values talent and not money and leaves in her car. Yuvraj follows her.

Bitti with Gopal meets Ashok and requests him to find an alliance for Gauri. Ashok says he doesn’t want to fall in Surendra’s issues as he is not a good man and will kill him if something goes wrong. His wife Seema says she knows an alliance and her brother Shyam is searching alliance for his son Rajat. Ashok says Surendra will not agree as he had sent him to jail before. Bitti signals that Gauri has stopped having food. Ashok says he understands her concern, but. Seema requests to speak to Shyam once. He agrees. Bitti signals to speak to Shyam right now. Ashok agrees and speaks to Shyam who says he will go to see girl only with him. Ashok agrees and informs same to them. Seema says if he goes, their tarnished relationships may be sorted out again. Bitti signals if his self-respect is greater than this his daughters. Ashok says she is right that she and Gauri are like her daughters and his self-respect is not important than their future, so he will go.

Akshat walks to his room tensed. Vaishali asks why is he behaving like this. He says she should explain it to Sakshai instead, if she wants him to forget his life and career and just get busy trying to calm down Sakshi and see that she doesn’t fight with anyone, Sakshi is very arrogant and misbehaves with everyone. Vaishali says they have Pratap’s favors on them and its her decision to get him married to Sakshi, he should accept it whether he likes it or not, so she is going to fix his engagement.

At night, Urmila serves dinner to Daadi, Surendra, and Yuvraj. Daadi yells at her to serve ghee to Yuvraj as he is looking weak. Surendra says his son is becoming weak studying hard and asks to have proper food. Gopal calls him and informs him about alliance. Surendra asks him to call them in the morning and make all arrangements himself. In the morning, Gopal makes all the arrangements. Dadi asks if he really found this alliance as he is not capable of it. Shyam with his family reaches and introduces them to Surednra’s family. He then says Ashok is also coming. Surendra goes out and stops Ashok.


Teri Laadli Mein 9th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Surendra yells that Gauri will not be married until Bitti is at home. Bitti draws a laxman rekha and promising Urmila not to cross it leaves home.

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Telecast Date:8th February 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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