Teri Laadli Mein 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Laadli Mein 7th January 2021 Urmila’s MIL throws newborn baby into dustbin where people drop garbage on her in the morning without noticing her. A lady who helped Urmila admitted into hospital picks her new born niece and tells her bhabhi/SIL Supriya that baby is really cute. Her son Akshath asks if he can hold the baby. She says when he grows up, he can hold her. He asks if he can look at her. She says why not. Supriya’s husband enters and thanks her for giving him such a nice gift. Lady tells him that baby looks like him and her mother used to tell that a baby girl is lucky if she looks like her father. He says his daughter is lucky to him as he got a new project after she is born. He gives her laddoo to double celebrate. Akshath says he will take 2 laddoos. He says why not and says his baby girl would be Akshath’s best friend like he and Akshath’s father are best friends. Akshath asks if they can distribute ladoos in whole hospital.

He agrees and distributes ladoos saying a Laxmi is born to him. Akshath sees someone dropping wrapper on floor and searches dustbin. He walks to roadside dustbin and hearing sound peeps in and calls mummy. Urmila hearing his voice searches her daughter, but doesn’t find her. MIL walks in and asks her to leave the hospital silently right now to escape from paying hospital bills. Urmila resists and insists to see her daughter. MIL drags her out when she hears nurses discussing that someone threw a 1-day old newborn baby into dust bin and rushes towards out. MIL runs behind her thinking she may be caught. Akshath’s mother calls police and asks to arrest whoever threw newborn baby into dustbin. MIL pushing Urmila aside runs to lady and acting as shocked takes baby and says its her granddaughter and someone dropped her here.

Urmila joins and cries holding baby. Lady asks when she is in hospital, how can someone take baby away. MIL gets tensed. Inspector identifies her and Urmila and asks if she is the one whose son threatened to abort baby girl. MIL says yes, but her son didn’t come to hospital yesterday. Inspector says he personally will interrogate the case. MIL insists Urmila to speak. Urrmila request inspector not to further investigate. Lady says if she doesn’t want to, then he shouldn’t. Inspector leaves. Lady requests Urmila if she can hold her baby for sometime. Urmila happily gives baby to her. Lady senses baby’s muteness and asks why there is no sound. MIL says baby is born dumb. Lady forcefully drops baby in Urmila’s hands and rushes away. MIL tells Urmila that nobody want to accept this baby and she was warning against this humiliation, let Surendra come and decide this girl’s fate.

Ashok returns home and tells his wife that it rained continuously. Wife says she is worried about Urmila and says let us go and check her. Ashok says Surendra is back from jail and he would create drama again, so they shouldn’t go there.

MIL with Urmila brings baby home in a cycle rickshaw and insists driver to return her 1 rs. He says he didn’t get change from home, she got Laxmi home and should gift him 10-20 rs instead. MIL says he can keep 1 rs and take even baby with him and can take care of her or burn her alive. Driver runs away yelling she is insane. She gets inside house with Urmila and baby yelling that she got 2 baby girls to take care of now. Urmila seeing Surendra asks him to look at the baby, she is so cute. He shouts that baby is inauspicious to him and asks his mother why didn’t she threw baby in hospital itself. MIL says she tried her best and threw baby in dust bin, but a boy found her and created drama. Urmila says that boy was god send and saved baby, baby is born even after they tried their best to kill her. Surendra continues yelling and warns that baby will not see tomorrow’s sun. Urmila cries holding baby saying her father cannot see her innocence and wants to kill her, but her mother will protect her always.


Teri Laadli Mein 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Urmila gives baby to adopted mother saying Devaki couldn’t take care of her and hopes Yashoda takes good care of her. Surendra asks money from couple in exchange of baby. They give money and take baby away.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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