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Teri Laadli Mein 6th January 2021 Urmila falls down unconscious when her husband and MIL forcefeed her medicine to abort her baby. She wakes up after sometime worried for her unborn baby and prays god to protect her daughter and help her fight for her life. At night, she wakes up with severe labor pain and with great difficulty walks to Surendra and tries to wake up him as she got labor pain, but shoos her away yelling. She then walks to her MIL and pleads to take her to hospital, but MIL also doesn’t pay heed. She walks to landline with great difficulty and calls Ashok. Ashok traveling in his car with his wife sees call from Surendra’s home and thinks he must have troubled Urmila bhabhi now. He gives phone to his wife Seema who picks, Umrila explains her ordeal, but Seema says they have come out of town for a relative’s function. Phone gets disconnected. Urmila thinks she herself needs to visit hospital now. She drapes blanket on sleeping Gowri and with great difficulty opens home door and walks out. She walks on road at midnight in heavy rain writhing in labor pain.

Gowri starts crying. MIL wakes up yelling and calls Urmila to shut her unwanted child’s mouth. She then realizes that Urmila was writhing in labor pain and must have gone to hospital alone. She picks Gowri and waking up Surendra informs that Urmila went to hospital alone. He asks what should he do. She says they should go and check if their medicine worked and baby died or not. He asks what about Gowri. She says they will give her to neighbor.

Umrila tries to stop vehicles, but nobody does. She prays god to save her daughterand continues walking in heavy rain. She reaches hospital somehow and its under a tree. A lady with her brother and pregnancy SIL gets out of car assuring them to have patience. Nurses take SIL in on stretcher. Lady returns to car to get her bag when she sees Urmila writhing in labor pain and asks if her family didn’t come with her. Urmila pleads to take her to hospital. Lady calls her brother and asks him to send a stretcher as a lady is outside in severe labor pain.

MIL with Surendra searches for Urmila on roads and asks someone if he saw a pregnant lady on road. He says she went towards big hospital. They reach hospital and ask watchman if he saw a pregnant lady in labor pain coming in. He says she went in. Doctor checks Urmila and says her baby is in reverse position and she needs operation right now. Nurse says a lady admitted her here and is busy with her own patient. MIL with Surendra enters hospital room yelling. Doctor asks who are they. MIL says she is patient’s MIL Durgavati and he is patient’s husband Surendra. Doctor informs that patient needs immediate surgery or else baby’s life is in danger. Surendra asks her to save mother and not baby. Doctor asks what he means. MIL says he means they have a baby girl already at home and she shouldn’t lose her mother. Doctor sends them out and starts operation. They both wait outside hoping baby would die. Doctor comes out and informs that a baby girl is born. They both walk in frowning. Doctor checks baby and seeing her mute without any voice informs baby has vocal cords are damaged and she is dumb forever. MIL reminisces midwife telling 99% baby will die with herbal kadha and if she is survived, she will be having some defect. Out of flashback, doctor informs Urmila that baby would be mute forever. Urmila cries holding baby. Doctor walks out asking her to have courage.

Urmila asks god why he didn’t give voice to her daughter, how will she hear her cry and pain, what did he punish an innocent. Surendra says he is punished instead that he got a dumb baby girl. She asks him to look at his daughter once. He warns to dare not show inauspicious girl’s fate to her. MIL asks him to calm down and sends him home. At midnight, Urmila is asleep when MIL picks baby and walks out of hospital hiding. Constable stops her and asks where is she going. She says her DIL is admitted in hospital and she is going to get medicines for her. Constable says this road is blocked after accident and asks what is she hiding under her pallu. Inspector calls him and he walks away. MIL throws baby in nearby dustbin and walks away.


Teri Laadli Mein 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :People throw garbage on baby in dustbin.Urmila gets worried not finding her baby and asks where is she. MIL says she died.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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