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Teri Laadli Mein 5th April 2021 Pratap warns Akshat that he should clear his doubt with Bitti, but should not get blind in friendship. Akshat agrees and takes inebriated Yash from there. Sakshi tells Pratap that if Bitti does something again, their plan will spoil. Pratap says they should make sure it doesn’t happen. Next day, in office canteen, Bitti catches a thief stealing money from locker. He pushes her away and escapes. She knocks table and calls for help. Askhat enters and asks what happened. She signals that a thief had come. He says he sent that thief to show everyone that she is not wrong. He shows her drawn sketches and asks if she made them. She nods yes. He asks if she is Yash’s sister and Surendra’s daughter. She nods yes. He claps and asks why did she hid Yash’s truth and insulted him. She stands silently. He shouts why. She gets tensed.

Daadi calls Yash and fumes when he doesn’t pick call, says looks like Richa stayed back at her parent’s place. Surendra while repairing iron says Yash will come back soon. She says Yash may get lured by his wife. He says Yash is his son and will not become his MIL’s puppet.

Akshat asks Bitti why did she ruin her sister’s life with a lie, he fixed alliance with Surendra’s house with a great hope, but her lie ruined it. She signals to let her explain. He says she did it for money and because of her, Richa’s baby will be in dark forever, he cannot face his mom because of her, etc., and shouts to just go way from him. He says he had dreamt a lot with her, but he will lose his family’s trust because of her; he shouts again to leave and she leaves. She then returns canteen keys and Akshat’s coffee to peon Raju. He asks where is she going. She signals that he doesn’t have to look for another job and leaves. Akshat vents out his anger reminiscing time spent with Bitti. Bitti also reminisces same and smiles imagining him everywhere. A sad song plays in the background. Sakshi shows them over video call to Pratap and says their plan is working. He says she is right.

Bitti returns home and reminsices Askhat’s words. She calls Yash. Yash wakes up. Richa asks if he is feeling better. Yash reminisces yesterday’s incident and thinks don’t know what all he blabbered in inebriation. Vaishali offers him lemon juice and asks how is he feeling now. Yash relaxes thinking he didn’t blabber much. Richa says they should return home. Yash acts as having severe headache. Vaishali says she will inform Surendra that they are staying here tonight. Yash’s hand touches phone screen and Bitti’s video call gets picked. She sees Pratap with Sakshi informing family that Pandit found Sakshi and Akshat’s wedding muhurat. Akshat says he wants to get married as soon as possible according on Pratap’s selected date. She shatters seeing that.

Surendra gets angry when Yash doesn’t pick his phone calls. Urmila asks Bitti if she spoke to Yash. Bitti reminsces Akshat’s words and feels sad. Yash calls Surendra. Surendra asks when is he coming. Bitti sees him stepping on a nail and keeps her hand on it injuring herself. Yash informs Surendra that he is not coming tonight as Richa’s family doesn’t send pregnant woman out at night. Surendra sadly informs Daadi that her son stayed in sasural and felt sasural’s comfort is more important than father’s dignity. He doesn’t get sleep whole night. Bitti feels sad noticing it.

Next morning, Daadi wishes herself happy birthday and praises herself looking in mirror. She asks family if they are still sleeping instead of celebrating her birthday. Urmila greets her and Surendra brings her gift. Daadi gets happy and says she is waiting for Yash’s and his in-laws’ gifts and asks him to video call Yash and let him speak to him. Yash picks call and shows him having green tea. Surendra asks him to wish happy birthday to Daadi. Yash does. Daadi thanks him and asks him to return soon for her birthday party. He agrees and disconnects call seeing Pratap.


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Telecast Date:5th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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