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Teri Laadli Mein 2nd April 2021 Bitti makes Richa sit in front of wet cloth near window. Richa says she is feeling good. Bitti signals they do this in village to get cool air. Yash rudely asks her to leave. Once Bitti leaves, Richa hugs Yash and says she is feeling really good. Bitti draws sketch of Askhat proposing her and looking at his gifted locket remembers the event. Oh Re Piya..song plays in the background. She ties locket in her pallu and sees him coming home. Sakshi comes behind him. Daadi greets them and asks them to sit. Bitti hides her sketch and offers them water. Akshat accepts it while Sakshi denies. Sakshi then sees locket in Bitti’s pallu and remembers seeing same locket in her family jeweler’s shop. Richa gets happy seeing Akshat. Akshat says he came to take her home. Yash thinks he will enjoy lavishly at his in-law’s place. Urmila asks Bitti to get Richa’s red chunri.

Bitti walks to her room to get chunri when Sakshi walks to her and shouts to dare not eye on Akshat as he is hers and tries to take out locket from pullu but fails. Bitti walks away. Sakshi angrily throws a toy on her and she catches it. Daadi calls Bitti, and she leaves. Sakshi notices sketches around and realizes Yash giving same sketch patterns to Richa. She thinks either Bitti or Yash have prepared these and she got a big evidence to explode a big bomb in Akshat and Bitti’s lives. Richa brings her bag out to leave with Akshat. Yash also brings his bag and tells Surendra that he is going with Richa. Surendra scolds him and says he can’t go without invitation. Yash requests to let him go. Akshat invites Yash and requests Surendra. Surendra agrees. Akshat with Sakshi takes Yash and Richa along.

They reach home where Vaishali performs Yash and Richa’s aarti. Akshat takes Yash to lawn and offers him liquor. Yash says papa used to drink local liquor and he never drank with friends. Pratap says his papa has only local things, but this is imported scotch. Yash thinks he came here to enjoy life. Pratap forcefully makes him drink. He says this is really good thing and praises Pratap. Pratap offers him drink again. Yash says nobody treated him so well till now. Pratap says he is damad of this house and should wait and watch what will happen with him next. Sakshi walks in and signals him. Pratap thinks he found Yash’s weakness and using it, he will get Sakshi married to Akshat and take revenge from Surendra. Bitti returns home and sees all her sketches and paintings shattered on floor.

Pratap shows canvas and asks Yash to draw sketch like show his skills like he showed it to Richa. Yash jokes. Sakshi informs Akshat about it and takes him there. Pratap insists Yash to draw painting. Yash denies and finally agrees that he doesn’t know painting at all. Pratap asks he told he wanted to paint. Yash says he never told him, but he is forcing him. Akshat reminisces Richa telling that Yash is a painter and she loves him for that. Pratap asks Yash if he doesn’t know painting, whose painting did he show to Richa and impressed her. Yash says Bitti, he showed her painting and impressed Richa. Sakshi provokes Akshat that Yash betrayed Richa by fooling her with Bitti’s painting. Akshat angrily confronts Yash. Yash says it was Bitti’s idea. Sakshi tells Pratap that Yash changed the whole game in their favor. Akshat asks Yash not to lie he . Sakshi asks why would Bitti help him. Yash says Bitti is his biological elder sister and she told him to show painting to Richa and impress her as she is from rich family. He collapses. Sakshi tells Pratap again that fool Yash changed the whole game in their favor. Akshat sprinkles water on Yash and asks him to tell truth. Yash says he is telling truth, its Bitti’s plan. Pratap says people tell truth while intoxicated. Akshat says people say what they want while intoxicated, he knows Bitti is not wrong. Sakshi says Bitti conned him. Pratap says Yash is right.


Teri Laadli Mein 3rd April 2021 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bitti signals Akshat that a thief had come in canteen. He shows her sketches and asks if she drew it and if she is Yash’s biological sister and Surendra’s daughter.

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Telecast Date:2nd April 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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