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Teri Laadli Mein 29th March 2021 Vaishali gets Panditji’s call and goes aside due to loud noise in the holi party. Akshat asks Bitti why is she running away from him since a few days. She signals that he is marrying Sakshi. He says he doesn’t want to and says he gathered a lot of courage to tell this and kneels in front of her. Vaishali notices him and asks what is he doing here alone. Imlie hides. Akshat nervously says there was a lot of noise there, so he came here to relax. Urmila thanks Vaishali for wonderful holi celebration and says they will leave now. Daadi says let us drink some more bhang milk. Urmila says they need to return home and make wedding arrangements and leaves with family. Akshat thinks he couldn’t speak to Imlie even today.

Back home, Yash’s mehandi ceremony starts. Daadi dances with ladies and asks to play music more loudly as its her grandson’s wedding. Yash walks in and dances with her. Urmila applies mehandi on his hand. Gauri drags Bitti and Urmila and dances with them. Daadi yells at them to go and work and continues dancing. Gauri insists to apply mehandi on Bitti’s hand. Akshat video calls Bitti and says he called her to ask if she has sugar at her home. She nods yes. He asks if shoes fit Yash. She nods yes. He says he bought new kurta for today, how is it. She nods nice. He slips and phone falls in Sakshi’s hand. Sakshi is shocked to see Bitti. Gauri writes A on her hand just then. Bitti disconnects call and signals Gauri if she has gone mad. Akshat takes phone from Sakshi and thinks she he will express his love for Bitti tomorrow for sure. Sakshi thinks if Bitti wrote Akshat’s A on her hand, it looks good if lovers unite in movies and not in real life, she will not let them unite.

Akshat reaches Surendra’s house and waves at Bitti. Daadi notices him. He says mom sent haldi/turmeric to Yash especially ordered from Salem. Daadi says its good for the rituals. Surendra walks in holding coal. Akshat greets him and asks why is he holding coal. Surendra says for today’s ritual. Askhat gives him haldi bowl and leaves waving at Bitti. Gauri notices that and asks Bitti to get her sari from false shop. Bitti leaves shyingly. Daadi asks Surendra which ritual is performed with coal. He says a ritual of revenge.

Bitti goes to sari false shop. Owner goes to get Gauri’s sari. Bitti sees a beautiful dress and smiles. Akshat noticing her walks to her and says she will look more beautiful in this dress. Worker switches on fan and vein falls on them. Akshat asks if she will wear this dress tonight if he gifts it to her. Surendra passes by and doesn’t notice them due to mirror glare. Owner returns and gives Gauri’s sari to Bitti. Bitti signals Akshat if he spoke to Prakash about the ritual of washing Surednra’s feet. He says he didn’t yet but will for sure. She leaves.

Pratap gets ready for function and thinks may be Surendra is groom’s father, he will be a servant to him always. Surendra applies coal to his feet and thinks he will insult Pratap in front of everyone to take revenge from him. Pratap asks servants to decorate mantap soon as baraat will be coming soon. Akshat walks to him and says he needs to talk about a ritual. Pratap calls Pandit. Akshat asks if he is ready to wash Surendra’s feet. Pratap tells Pandit Yes, yes, come over as he is like bride’s father and will perform all rituals. Akshat thinking he is agreeing to wash Surendra’s feet gets very happy and thanks him. Pratap thinks what was Akshat saying, he couldn’t hear him.

Daadi asks Gauri to perform prewedding ritual. Gauri is busy chatting with her in-laws. Daadi yells at her. Urmila requests Daadi to let Bitti perform sister’s ritual. Daadi yells but agrees. Bitti ties to fix jewelry in Akshat’s neck when Surendra enters and stands fuming.


Teri Laadli Mein 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Surendra does nagin dance with barat.Akshat proposes Bitti.

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Telecast Date:29th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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