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Teri Laadli Mein 29th January 2021 Akshat thinks he understands Vaishali’s each word, but Sakshi’s arrogance and selfishness irritates him. He imagines Bitti in mirror and smiles at her. Dil Kyun Ye Mera Shor Kare…song.. plays in the background. He thinks why he is seeing tiffin girl everywhere, he needs a life partner like her. He remembers shopping mall incidents with her and their other meetings and continues smiling and feeling good.

Bitti tries her new dress. Gowri says its a very beautiful dress, who gifted her. Bitti signals Siddhi. Gowri says its very pretty, at least Siddhi and Ashok chacha gift her many things, but nobody thinks about her. Bitti signals her to keep one dress. Bitti says they gifted her with so much love, so she should keep it; anyways she is a guest of a few day in this house, she doesn’t know whom she is marrying, but is happy that she is leaving this house; papa and daadi will not even ask her opinion and marry her to someone; asks if she imagines someone in her life. Bitti smiles.

Vaishali calls fashion designer Priyanka and introducing her to Sakshi as her would be bahu says tomorrow she has function at home and wants her to show best dresses for her bahu. Priyanka shows her dresses. Sakhi rejects many and likes one. Vaishali orders it. Priyanka leaves saying she will send it in the evening. Sakshi thanks Vaishali. Vaishali gifts her a beautiful diamond necklace.

On the other side, Urmila prepares food for Vaishali’s function and asks Gowri and Bitti to hurry up as they have a lot of work to finish. Gowri asks why a girl should marry without her consent. Urmila says its an age old ritual and they can’t change it. Urmila asks Bitti if she grinded masalas so soon. Gowri asks if Bitti is a machine, she can’t even pick knife properly. Bitti signals Gowri is talkative, so she cannot work fast. Urmila says that is why she asks Gowri to concentrate on work. Next morning, Urmila packs snacks. Daadi asks what is in sweets and asks to let her taste them. Urmila says let her submit some to god first and then will give her. Daadi asks her not to send Gowri to college today as groom’s family are coming to see her and to deivery food via Bitti as she doesn’t want Bitti’s inauspicious shadow to fall on Gowri and her marriage breaks before its fixed. Urmila nods okay. Amma’s mother waters seeing snacks, and Gowri smirks seeing that.

Vaishali shows diamond necklace to Supriya and Pratap that she will put it in Sakshi’s neck after pooja. Pratap says nobody can love her bahu than her. Sakshi says she is special. Pratap asks her to reach bhoomi pooja venue with Sakshi, Richa, and Supriya, he and Akshat will come later. Vaishali agrees and leaves with them to temple. Bitti reaches temple and performs pooja. Vaishali with others reaches temple and stands chatting with them holding necklace in a thali for pooja. Bitti walks back and clashes with Supriya. Thali flies and necklace falls in Bitti’s neck. Vaishali is shocked to see that, and Sakshi jealous. Bitti stands nervously. Sakshi yells if she is blind and tries to slap her. Vaishali stops her and asks not to insult anyone like this and should control her anger. Sakshi says this girl wore her necklace and Akshath scolded her because of this girl, she is crossing her path like a black cat. She snatches necklace from Bitti shouting she is unfit to wear it. Richa asks her to calm dowm as mom also didn’t see her. Sakshi continues yelling at Bitti. Vaishali asks her to calm down. Bitti apologizes and walks away. Vaishali says she will perform pooja and then will put necklace in her neck. Sakshi walks away throwing necklace saying she doesn’t use second hand thinks. Supriya picks it and says its a big abshagun and seeing Sakshi’s behavior, she is more worried. Vaishali assures her that everyhthing will be alright and Akshat will keep Sakhi happy.


Teri Laadli Mein 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :During pooja, Pandit asks Akshat and Sakshi to perform abhishek. Bitti brings milk and drops it on god’s idol by mistake. Akshat holds her. Sakshi gets more jealous seeing that.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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