Teri Laadli Mein 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Laadli Mein 26th March 2021 Richa asks Urmila if Bitti didn’t come and walks to Bitti seeing her. Urmila requests Surendra not to create any drama as Vaishali invited Bitti. Daadi says Bitti will stay in some corner, so he need not worry. She asks Umrila to give shagun to Vaishali. Sakshi gets jealous seeing Akshat smiling at Bitti. Vaishali applies color to Urmila and Daadi and asks Surendra to apply color to Pratap. Surendra does same while Pratap fumes. Richa asks Akshat to apply color to Bitti. He tries, but she stops him and asks to apply it to Sakshi first. He says he knows whom to apply and whom not to. Sakshi walks in and asks him to apply color to her. He reminds her stopping him as he applied color to Vaishali first and walks away asking her to decide first. Sakshti thinks he will apply her color for sure and orders Bitti to serve juice to guests. Akshat returns to Bitti and asks why is she avoiding him. Richa calls him and asks her to save her from Yash and Gauri who are coloring her.

Bitti passes by Surendra and her dupatta gets stuck in his bracelet. He gets angry seeing her. Urmila noticing that frees dupatta. He shouts why did she bring inauspicious Bitti here and walks away. Urmila consoles Bitti and asks not to bother about her father’s words. Bitti sees Surendra’s bracelet still stuck in her dupatta. Sakshi asks servant to give bhnag milk to Bitti. Servant forcefully gives it to Bitti. Daadi takes glass from Bitti and liking its taste gives bhang milk to everyone except Bitti. Bitti serves snacks to guests. Akshat walks to her again, prepares heart shaped jalebi for her, but a man takes it away.

Heavily inebriated Daadi walks towards inebriated Surendra. Surendra asks why is she shaking. Daadi says everything is shaking, if its earthquake. Surendra says she drank a lot of bhang. Daadi asks him to bring more bhang milk. He calls Urmila and asks to handle amma. Urmila also inebriated sees 2 Daadis and asks whom to handle. Daadi laughs. Surendra then walks to Pratap and asks if he is enjoying holi celebration, real celebration will be in wedding when a rich company owner will wash a mechanic’s feet. Pratap laughs and says he should not dream more than his worth. Akshat hears their conversation. Surendra slips. Akshat holds him. Surendra asks if he remembers his promise.

Daadi walks to DJ, plays old song Ja Ja Re Hat Natkhat song, and dances with whole family. Surendra reminisces insulting Vaishali and apologizes her. Everyone get busy dancing. Akshat picks color and walks towards Bitti. Bitti walks away seeing Sakshi. Sakshi dances on O Ethe Aa..song. Akshat slips and falls and imagines dancing with Bitti on Jab Tak Jahan Me Meera Naam Hai.. song. Out of imagination, he sees Bitti standing aside. He drinks glasses of bhang milk, walks to her, holds her hand, takes her aside and applies color to her.


Teri Laadli Mein 27th March 2021 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshat asks Bitti not to stop him from telling whatever he wants to, kneels down and is about to propose her when Vaishali sees them and calls him.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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