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Teri Laadli Mein 25th March 2021 Supriya confronts Akshat that she was ignoring Sakshi’s doubt thinking its her childish behavior, but her doubt was true. She then tells Bitti that she is same like Sakshi thinks. Akshat trries to stop her. She warns him to return home silently and he walks away. Bitti stands crying. Back home, Supriya remembers the event while cooking. Pratap tastes snack and says its tasty. Supriya says she was ignoring his and Sakshi’s warning, but when she saw Akshat and Bitti together, she realized they are telling true. Sakshi says Bitti is behind Akshat’s money. Supriya says she will not let Bitti come between Sakshi and Bitti. Vaishali enters asking what is happening and asks Supriya why is she working asking her to rest. Supriya walks along her. Sakshi tells Pratap that mom is on their side now. He says they shouldn’t let Supriya know about their plan or else she will support Akshat and Bitti, they should execute their plan silently.

Urmila prepares snacks and sweets for holi with Bitti and Gauri’s help. Daadi scolds her to hurry up and steals jalebi. Surendra asks Urmila to hurry up as they need to perform holika dahan pooja and then have food. Urmila asks Gauri to call Bitti for pooja when she takes Surendra in in lieu of giving him food. After pooja, Urmila insists Surendra to come in and have food. Daadi gets suspicious and asks reason. Urmila agrees that she sent Gauri to call Bitti out for pooja. Surendra says she spoilt pooja mood by taking inauspicious girl’s name, she should keep Bitti aside like a garbage. Bitti gets sad hearing that. She sadly sits in cow shed when Urmila walks in and asks her to go and perform pooja and pray that her father’s hatred for her ends. Bitti does same.

Akshat’s family also performs holika dahan. Akshat prays. Sakshi what did he pray. He says he cannot reveal it. She says she doesn’t believe in all this, but she prayed that their wedding should happen soon. Akshat thinks he cannot continue it anymore and should express his love for Bitti tomorrow itself. Next morning, Vaishali performs pooja and wishes happy holi to everyone. Akshat applies color to her and wishes. He then walks to Sakshi who stops him and yells that he should have applied holi to her first and instead applied holi to his mother first. Supriya scolds her, but Vaishali says its okay. Richa asks Vaishali if she has invited Yash’s family for celebration. Vaishali says yes. Richa asks what about Bitti. Sakshi says there is no need to invite a servant. Richa says Bitti helped her a lot and requests Vaishali to invite her. She calls landline and asks Urmila to bring Bitti along. Urmila says she will think. Pratap and Sakshi get angry hearing that.

Surendra’s family wears white clothes for function. Daadi asks how is she looking. Gauri jokes and Daadi scolds her. Pratap says let us go as he is eager to meet Pratap. Gauri goes to bring Bitti and seeing her applying color to on Surendra’s sketch says se is doing this since childhood, now she can play holi with Akshat as his family has invited even her for holi celebration. Bitti hesitates, but agrees on her insistence. Family reaches Akshat’s house where Suerndra insists Pratap to hug him and murmurs in his ears that they are enemies forever. Askhat thinks of proposing Bitti.


Teri Laadli Mein 26th March 2021 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Askhat wishes happy holi to Bitti and applies color on her face. Sakshi dances with Akshat. Elders dance in bhang effect. Bitti’s dupatta gets stuck in Surendra’s shift cuff.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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