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Teri Laadli Mein 25th January 2021 Akshath meets Bitti and asks if she is the one who saved him in childhood from a car accident. She stands silently. He asks how can she forget such an epic event and asks to remember it. She tries to leave. He stops her and apologizing asks to try to remember the incident, asks if she used to deliver tiffins in childhood. She nods yes. He says she is the one and says he is waiting for her since then to meet and apologize her. She leaves without replying. He says he is sure its her and asks rose plant if she is the one. It shakes, and he informs Raghu driver that she is the one.

Raja mixes sleeping pill in water for Bitti. His aide Jaggu asks if it will work. Raja says once he consumed it and woke up next day. Bitti comes with tiffin. He asks her to come in and keep it in restaurant. Bitti nods no. He threatens to call Surendra and complain that she doesn’t deliver him tiffin, she will double his interest. Bitti pleads not to call Surendra and takes tiffin into kitchen. He locks main door and insists her to have water. She resists. He threatens her. She agrees. He says he is a kind man and loves her a lot, and if she agrees he will make her this house’s queen. She throws chilli powder on him and runs away. He writhing in burning pain calls aide Jaggu to bring water and shouts he will not spare Bitti.

Vaishali sees Sakshi tensed and asks reason. She says she is waiting for Akshat as they both are going out. Akshat returns and asks Vaishali to send food to his room as he has to attend office online. Sakshi insists that he promised to take her out and chill. He says after office and runs to his room. She complains Vaishali that he is ignoring her since he returns. Vaishali says he is not ignoring her, she should control her anger and go to Akshat as one needs to work hard for any relationship. She says she should explain it to her son. Vaishali says she will explain even him and he will take her for shopping tomorrow. She agrees.

Urmila reminisces Bitti resisting to take food to Raja and thinks of asking reason. Bitti falls down while riding her bicycle. A few goon boys see her torn blouse and flirt with her. Urmila rushes to her and asks what happened and seeing torn blouse asks how did this happen. Boys bully even her. She warns them to mind their business and takes Bitti along. At home, Ammaji complains Surendra against Urmila. Urmila returns home with Bitti. Surendra asks why she is late. She says she went to clear grocer’s bill and brought Bitti home on the way, a few goons were bullying Bitti. Ammaji jokes that she is talking as if Bitti is a heroine, Bitti herself would have done something to garden boys’ attention. Urmila says everyone eye on Bitti, so if they keep pooja and announce that Bitti is their daughter. He angrily whisks her and says he will never do that and is waiting Bitti to die, she should ask Bitti to go and die herself. Urmila cries hearing that. Amma yells at Urmila to stop crying and prepare food for her son. Bitti in cowshed cries remembering ammaji and Surendra’s words.


Teri Laadli Mein 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Urmila tells Bitti that she is born after repeatedly fighting against her death, so she should not lose hope and continue to fight.

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Telecast Date:25th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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