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Teri Laadli Mein 24th March 2021 Pratap calls Sakshi and informs her what happened in office. Sakshi thinks Bitti is getting more problematic and she needs to get rid off her. She calls her aide and orders to teach Bitti a lesson and make sure she doesn’t get up from bed. Bitti thanks Akshat for employee of the month trophy and signals that she is worried that Pratap will harm her family. He says nobody can harm her or her family until he is there, asks her to go home and take 2 days’ leave for her Yash and Richa’s wedding and always trust him. She leaves office and rides bicycle towards home. Sakshi’s goons follow her in truck and are about to hit her when a religious group passes by blocking the road. Goon calls Sakshi and inform her that he was about to crush Bitti under his truck when a religious group blocked his way. Sakshi orders to finish his task even if he has to crush religious group. Another goon walks down and orders religious group to move aside. They deny. He misbehaves. They beat both goons. Bitti requests to spare them. Group spares goons and walk away. Bitti offers prasad to goons and rides bicycle away. Goons think they cannot harm her as she saved their lives. They inform Sakshi that they couldn’t crush Bitti under their truck and she escaped. Sakshi fumes in anger.

Bitti returns home and shows her best employee of the month to Urmila and Gauri. They congratulate her, Urmila says she is proud of her, expresses her wish to work during her younger days but then she was forcefully married, says she is happy that Bitti is fulfilling her dream and goes to prepare her favorite sooji halwa for her. Bitti signals Gauri what happened in office. Gauri says Akshat helps her so much, if they have met even after Akshat’s wedding is fixed, its Ram lalla’s wish.

Sakshi express her anger for Bitti in front of Pratap. Pratap asks her to wait for sometime, he will teach Bitti a lesson soon. Vaishali with Akshat walks in and asks what are they discussing. Pratap says about Richa and Yash’s wedding. Vaishali says cards have come and they should go and give some cards to Surendra. Pratap says he is not feeling well, so she should go. Supriya says Vaishali knows the problem. Vaishali asks Akshat to accompany her. He agrees. Sakshi asks if doesn’t want to go to office. He says he will go to office from there.

Surendra brings wedding cards home and shows them to family. Vaishali with Supriya and Akshat reaches there. They greet them and make them sit. Bitti walks away seeing them. Daadi asks Urmila to bring tea. Surendra asks why didn’t Pratap come. Supriya says he is not well. Surendra says he should get well soon for wedding. Daadi stops him. Akshat thinks he should inform Pratap about Surendra’s condition, else there would be problem in wedding. Vaishali gives wedding card to Surendra and says they give card to groom’s family after submitting it to god. Urmila offers her sweet. Vaishali invites them for holi party at her home after 2 days and leaves. Akshat says he forgot to discuss something important with Surendra and returning to Surendra’s home asks Gauri about Bitti. Gauri says she is in cowshed. Akshat walks to cowshed and calls Bitti. Bitti hides. He finds her. She asks him to go as his family is waiting. He says he knows and came to talk something important. She closes door. He requests to listen to him and requests to let him check her room. She stops him and closes door. Akshat says this place is unfit for humans and especially her, he is feeling really bad seeing her living in this condition and holding her hand requests to stop crying and smile and promises to keep her happy until he is with her, he tries to wipe her tears. Supriya walks in shocked seeing them together and stops him.


Teri Laadli Mein 25th March 2021 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Supriya tells Akshat that she thought Sakshi’s doubt is baseless, but Sakshi is right, Bitti is selfish and cunning as Sakshi thinks.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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