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Teri Laadli Mein 20th January 2021 Surendra walks towards his bike informing amma that he is going for work. He cleans his bike. Amma asks him to clean it so well that when Yash drives it, villagers should leave their mouth open in amazement. Surendra says Yash is his son and will raise his dignity in the future, they will shift to a bungalow once Yash starts earning. Amma gets happy. Bitti helps Gowri get ready for college. Gowri thanks her and leaves. Bitti looks herself into mirror and gets sad reminiscing Amma’s words that she is so ugly that mirror will be afraid to see her. Urmila walks to her and pampers her. Amma calls Bitti and yelling at her orders to clean the floor. Bitti wipes floor. Amma orders to shine the floor. Yash clashes with water bucket and yelling at Bitti orders her to clean his shoes. Gowri hearing that asks if he doesn’t have eyes to look at the bucket and asks to clean his shoes himself. Yash asks why is she bothered when amma didn’t tell anything. Amma brings cloth and asks Bitti to clean Yash’s shoes. Bitti does and signals he is looking good. Yash says she does nice shoe polishing and if papa kicks her out of house, she can polish shoes at roadside. Amma laughs with him. Surendra calls him saying he is getting late for college. Yash says his shoes are old and he needs new ones. Surendra asks to buy them then. Yash says he needs 2000 rs for that. Surendra asks Urmila to bring his wallet and gives 2500 rs to Yashi instead asking to buy whichever shoes he likes. Gowri comments that papa has money to waste on Yash but not on daughters.

Vaishali cooks food for Akshath. Supriya says she is so excited to cook for Ashath as he is coming home. Her daughter walks in and says mamma is not listening at all, even she is her daughter. Bhaishab joins and says bhabhi is eager to see Akshath. Vaishali says he is right, she used to see Akshath on video call, but now she will meet him after many years. Supriya says that is why a business magnate Vaishali ji is cooking for her son. Vaishali says there is pleasure cooking for her son. Bhaisab says they are also eager to see Akshath, especially Sakshi. Sakshi is introduced. She walks to Vaishali calling her BM and complains that Akshath didn’t even pick her call yet. Supriya says she should call her maa/MIL and not Badimaa. Sakshi says she will after engagement and continues fuming on Akshath. They all laugh.

Bitti feeds a poor woman. Woman thanks her and praising her kindness prays god that she should get a life partner who can understand her without speaking. Ashath is introduced traveling in his car and looking outside via its open roof. Dharti sunehri ambar neela..song.. plays in the background. He sees a few students cleaning road and joins them. Vaishali calls him, but driver Raghu picks call and says Akshath is helping students clean road. She asks him to inform Akshath to reach home soon. Driver informs same to Akshath. Akshath gets into car and leaves, but stops outside his school. He walks near door and reminisces his childhood. He imagines clashing with Bitti and fighting with her and Bitti walking away crying, then he realizes that she saved his life. Out of flashback, he thinks he made a big mistake by slapping her and will one day meet and apologize her, he trusts his fate that it will let them meet again. Bitti is seen bicycling nearby.


Teri Laadli Mein 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshath says in childhood he had slapped a girl who helped him by mistake, today he went to same spot and searched that girl to apologize. Sakshi walks away angrily saying he is more bothered about the tiffin girl than her. Bitti’s friend warns her not to take tiffin to goon Raja as he is characterless. Raja closes room door seeing Bitti in.

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Telecast Date:20th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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