Teri Laadli Mein 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Laadli Mein 14th January 2021 Urmila cheers up crying Bitti. Bitti smiles. She then drives cycle on road delivering tiffin boxes. Serial’s title track Teri Ladli Main.. plays in the background. She visits temple and prays god via gestures. Panditji gives her prasad. She then returns home and draws moustache on her face and mimics Surendra. Gowri laughs seeing that. Amma walks in and yells at Bitti that there is a lot of work pending and she is lazing here, scolds Gowri to study or not waste father’s money. Bitti does house hold chores while Amma rests. Gowri signals Bitti. Amma asks if they think she is dead and are conspiring against her. Gowri asks what did she do. Amma says Bitti gets stale food, Gowri should say if even she needs stale food.

Yash returns home from school. Amma pampers him and says he wanted something special to eat today, so she prepared kheer for him. Bitti and Gowri tempt hearing that. Amma yells its not for them and brings food for Yash. Yash says he doesn’t want to have food as he had kachoris. Amma asks him to have only kheer then. Gowri tells Bitti that amma will not give them kheer easily, so they should take it from kitchen while Amma is busy feeding Yash. Yash chokes and coughs. Amma shouts to bring water. Bitti runs to kitchen and climbs a chair to lick a water glass, but slips and falls down dropping down even kheer bowl. Amma enters hearing sound and yells that she purposefully dropped kheer down to take revenge from Yash and trashes her brutally. Yash asks her to slap her from his side also. Urmila enters and rescues Bitti. Amma walks away yelling. Bitti cries in front of god’s photo and complains.

Surendra’s friend Shyam while sipping alcohol in his garage asks why he looks sad. Surendra says he took this garage on rent thinking of earning well and supporting family, but he pays rent with great difficulty; he wants to earn well and take care of his son like a prince, he was happy today seeing his son’s happiness when he gave him 50 rs, his amma also insists to repay home loan and free it, but he cannot even pay principal amount. Friend says he starts crying out his problems whenever he drinks alcohol. Friend asks why he drinks with him then. A rich lady’s driver enters and requests to repair madam’s car. Surendra yells that he doesn’t work once he opens bottle. Driver says madam will pay him hefty fees. Friend asks Surendra to agree.

Bitti visits Ashok’s house where his daughter offers her kheers saying Gowri told how amma physically abused her for dropping kheer, so she got kheer prepared for her. Mother enters and feeds them kheer and seeing Bitti’s sad face realizes that she wants kheer for Gowri, so she packs some kheer for Gowri. Bitti happily leaves. Mother says she will prepare tangy snacks for her tomorrow.

Surendra reaches near car. Rich lady says its a luxury car and 2 mechanics already failed, so if he can repair it. Surendra says he may not have driven it, but knows each part of it. He repairs it and says he can repair much luxury cars than this and is very talented, but is stuck in this small city. She asks his fees. He says 500 rs. She gives her office card to him and says she respects talented and will give him job, so he should come and meet her tomorrow. Next morning, Surendra gets ready and asks amma how is he looking. She says smarter than a filmy hero. He says he is going for an important work. Amma praises him with a long dialogues and asks him to pray god first to give him the job he is going for. He walks towards door when he sees Bitti entering and angrily shouts at Urmila that he was going on an important work, but inauspicious Bitti spoilt his mood.


Teri Laadli Mein 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bitti while carrying grass home gets afraid seeing a snake.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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