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Teri Laadli Mein 13th January 2021 Ashok celebrates fathers’ day with his daughter. Daughter looks at cake. Bitti reaches their house and gets happy seeing decoration and cake. Daughter seeing her and says she was waiting for her to celebrate father’s day. Bitti signals what is that. Mother Seema says its a day when a daughter expresses her love for her father. Daughter says she loves papa so much. Seema asks doesn’t express everyday though. Daughter makes Bitti cut cake. Ashok gives them gifts and tells Bitti that he is gifting her colors with which she can express her feelings as he has seen her coloring everywhere. He prays god that she gets her father’s love soon. Bitti happily greets them by and leaves. She returns home and draws family sketch on book reminiscing Ashok’s words that colors speak. Gowri sees her drawing and praises it. Bitti signals that she wants to show it to papa. Gowri says that papa may not praise her, but mamma will definitely praise her and give her laddoo.

Surendra returns home. Bitti keeps her sketch silently on table and hides in her room. Surendra seeing sketch asks Urmila who drew it. She says she doesn’t know. He says he knows its definitely Yash as only he can draw such beautiful pictures. He praises sketch and says he didn’t drew his face, but knows its definitely him. Gowri says Bitti drew that pic and not Yash and she didn’t drew papa’s face she never saw his face. Surendra angrily tears sketch and walks away. Bitti picks it crying. Gowri says papa instead of praising her tore pic, he is the worst father she ever saw. Bitti signals not to say that.

Rich lady reads business documents and signs them. Her husband’s friend says even after many years, she doesn’t sign documents without reading them. Lady says her father used to say never to trust even father in business. He says her business sense grew their business exponentially and she supported him and let him and his family stay in her house. She says he is like a loyal family, else she doesn’t trust any outsider. They then discuss about Sakshi. Sakshi runs down holding Richa’s doll and Richa insists to return it. Supriya stops their fight and asks Sakshi to return it, but Sakshi gets adamant. Supriya complains husband and rich lady about Sakshi and praises Akshat who has grown up very intelligent and well cultured. Lady hopes Sakshi becomes well cultured like Akshath.

Bitti washes utensils. Amma throws clothes in front of her and orders to wash even them. Surendra gets Yash ready for school and asks Urmila to bring his bag and lunchbox. Yash asks what is in lunchbox. Ammaji says she smeared a lot of ghee on his roti. He says he doesn’t want to have ghee smeared roti and wants something special as he doesn’t like Urmila’s prepared food. Surendra scolds Urmila and gives 50 rs to Yash to buy whatever he likes. Urmila says its not right to give money to a small boy. Surendra yells at her followed by amma. Gowri getting ready for school requests Surendra to give her some money to buy books. He yells that he paid her school fees and cannot give much. Amma yells to finish her stale roti lunch box, else she will not give her lunch box again. Urmila consoles her and says they will buy book later. Gowri sees Bitti scribbling on utensils while washing them and asks if she likes studying. Bitti nods yes. Gowri says they both will study together and gives her slate. Amma noticing that yells at Bitti and burning her slates warning to decide between studies and living at home.


Teri Laadli Mein 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amma serves kheer to Yash and when Bitti and Gowri tempt yells at them to dare not even look at kheer. Yash coughs. Amma asks someone to bring water. Bitti runs to kitchen to get water and slipping on chair drops neary kheer bowl down.Amma trashes her. Bitti complains god why didn’t he give her voice.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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