Teri Laadli Mein 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Teri Laadli Mein 11th January 2021 Surendra takes baby girl Bitti towards river to throw her in river. Urmila pleads her to kill her before killing her baby girl. Surendra pushes her saying to go and die. Amma says if both mother and daughter die, police will trouble them, he should wait until Urmila bears him a son and then kill her. Urmila pleads that she and her daughter will never trouble hm. He asks her to take an oath if she wants to see her daughter alive. Urmila says she is ready to take any oath the asks. He takes water in his hand asks her to take oath that Bitti’s value would be much lesser than the lifeless things/furniture in his house. She agrees. He says nobody will take Bitti’s name in his house. She agrees. He says Bitti’s shadow will never fall on him. She agrees. He says she will never be called as his daughter. She agrees. He says he will not give his name to her. She agrees crying. He walks away with amma while Urmila cries holding Bitti. Bitti starts growing while Urmila takes care of her alone. Surendra returns home at night, and Urmila seeing him walks to backyard with Bitti. Serial’s title track plays in the background. After a few days, Sunil with his son visits Surendra. Amma signals him without speaking. She asks what she wants to say and wlaks behind her.

At night, Surendra brings gifts for Urmila and asks how are they. She says they are nice. He asks her to come to his room to receive it and walks to his room, signaling to romance her. Urmila sees Bitti crying and tries to feed her, but Amma snatches baby and pushes her forcefully in Surendra’s room. Crying Bitti crawls in whole lawn. After sometime, Urmila wakes up and tries to leave room, but its locked from outside. She calls ammaji to open the door. Amma opens door. Urmila asks about Bitti. Amma says she is not her servant to keep an eye on her daughter, she herself should search her. Urmila worriedly searches Bitti in whole house and not finding her asks Amma where is Bitti as she was with her. Amma yells that she was crawling there and don’t know where she went. Urmila continues searching Bitti. Bitti is seen in cowshed crying. She runs and picks Bitti and thanks for keeping Bitti safe. She apologizes Bitti for unable to take care of her and prays Bholenath that she cannot even hear her baby’s voice, how will she find her if her daughter is in trouble. She hears bell in cow’s neck and ties a bell in Bitti’s neck.

After a month, Urmila feels nauseous and vomits. Amma asks why she is vomiting, if she is pregnant. Urmila nods yes. Amma happily thanks god and prays go give her a grandson this time. She informs Surendra who also rejoices hearing that. He takes Urmila for checkup and after gender determination returns home happily and informs amma that a boy is coming to continue their family. After 9 months, Urmila delivers a baby boy. Doctor informs Amma and Surendra same. Amma happily picks boy and pampers him. Surendra also rejoices. Amma prays god that he should be obedient like Surendra. Surendra says he is his son and will be like him. After a few years, Surendra informs his son Yash that he is joining school today and whole Ayodha will praise Ram lalla/god and Yash in the future. He arranges pooja for Yash. Guests attend pooja. He with Yash and Urmila sits for pooja. Grown up Bitti opens door silently and excitedly looks at decoration at home.


Teri Laadli Mein 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit seeing Bitti asks Sur3endra about her. Surendra asks Urmila to inform pandit that she is their servant. Urmila says she found a baby girl in dustbin and brought her home. Bitti shatters hearing that and runs towards river bank.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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